Could AEW Introduce A Six-Man Tag Division?

Is it time for a mainstream Trios Championship?

Death Triangle
Source: AEW

In the aftermath of All Elite Wrestling’s Revolution PPV at the end of February, there was a growing partnership developing between the performers PAC, Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr, announcing themselves as Death Triangle. Unfortunately, due to the growing pandemic in March, any plans seemingly in place for the group were put on hold and still are on hold due to difficulties with international travel.

However, when the three originally announced themselves as a group, it came to my attention that AEW’s focus on tag team wrestling, reaching its possible culmination in the awe-inspiring tag team match between the champions Adam ‘Hangman’ Page & Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks, had expanded to six-man tag teams. My original theory is that the plans for Death Triangle were to use them to bring into creation Six-Man Tag Team Titles to help build upon the tremendous reception garnered by AEW’s work on the tag team division.

These plans are likely postponed until maybe next year to allow for all issues with the pandemic to be dealt with, but there is a strong selection of possible teams for the division. Incorporating all of these teams into a division would create more opportunities for multiple wrestlers to get noticed, as they can utilise more individuals in a single match. The producers may even decide to build upon the Lucha Libre influence, in which they remove the need of tags by having partners able to enter if the legal man rolls out of the ring. This could help to create a higher pace in the matches, as well as allow all members to get involved.

Let’s look at some of the teams already active in AEW who would suit a Trios Championship.


SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky)

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Originally debuting in TNA, the tag team of Kazarian and Daniels dates back to 2012, but it was in 2017 that the trio came to completion, with the inclusion of Scorpio. Debuting as one of the main signings announced at AEW’s press conferences, they have been an integral part of the tag team division since opening AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 in a cracking six-man match against Strong Hearts.

Not only have the three helped legitimise The Dark Order and their leader Brodie Lee this year, they were also the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions after a star making turn from Scorpio during the tournament.

With Daniels entering his 50th year, Kazarian already 42 years old and Scorpio the youngest at 37, it might be beneficial to take pressure off both Daniels and Kazarian by featuring in trios matches, while still utilising their tremendous ring knowledge and psychology.

Their undisputable charismatic strengths would also guarantee attention and hype for any matches featuring the stable, helping to legitimise the championship.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson)


Originally forming in 2016 as a subgroup within Bullet Club, Omega and The Young Bucks have been ever-present in the faction, despite its expansion over the years with the inclusion of Page, Marty Scurll and Cody. While Adam Page has featured in several matches alongside the original three, including the Stadium Stampede at AEW Double Or Nothing 2020, it’s predominantly the original three who wrestle as The Elite. This included matches against SCU, Death Triangle and The Inner Circle for AEW itself, and continued to have good crowd reactions when working together.

With the ongoing slow burn storyline of a schism developing between The Young Bucks and Adam Page, whose partner Omega is currently caught in the middle as the current Tag Team Champion, it could feature as the next step in this storyline.

When Omega and Page eventually lose the Tag Team Championship, which could even occur in the next few weeks at AEW Fyter Fest 2020 against their latest challengers The Best Friends, Omega could quite easily bounce back while teaming with his close friends to challenge for a Trios Championship.


Strong Hearts (CIMA, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman)

With the partnership between AEW and Chinese-based Oriental Wrestling Entertainment allowing an opportunity for talent exchange, OWE trainer CIMA and two of his stable-mates helped kick off AEW Double Or Nothing 2019 in a losing effort against SCU. CIMA appeared the most predominantly, including several singles matches on AEW Dynamite, and seemed to have a developing storyline with The Dark Order in February of this year. Unfortunately, this storyline was put on hold due to the travel issues arising from the growth of the pandemic, meaning we are unlikely to see the fruition of this storyline.

However, once things return to normal, it should hopefully be beneficial for AEW to utilise their partnership and bring Strong Hearts back, especially as they have good experience in trios wrestling. In fact, their experience could allow Strong Hearts to be dark horses in any tournament, especially as it would suit the international inspiration for the championship.


Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt)

Originally beginning with a growing friendship between Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy that would feature as a tag team at AEW Fight For The Fallen in a losing effort against The Dark Order, they would bring Marko Stunt into their stable and debut the name Jurassic Express at AEW All Out 2019. The main reason for this group seemed to be an attempt to capitalise on the chemistry between all three, as well as working around the strengths and weaknesses of the three wrestlers.

With Luchasaurus standing at 6’5, by creating a fatherly relationship with the other two, it develops him in a positive manner, as well as being able to maximise him for hot tags. But by teaming him with Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, it means the two of them can demonstrate their pace and selling ability to generate sympathy in a Ricky Morton style. By working as a team, it means that all three can also showcase their skills, Marko utilising pace and trickiness to bamboozle his opponents, Luchasaurus using his large size and quick feet to intimidate, and Jungle Boy out wrestling his opponents. This would also help in building up Jungle Boy for a breakout role in years to come.


The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Ortiz, and Santana)

Debuting in 2019 after AEW All Out, the group were originally brought together by Jericho to help keep his AEW World Championship safe. With Jericho the experienced leader, he handpicked each member due to what they brought to the team, whether that’s Hager’s legitimate MMA experience and size, Guevara’s charismatic potential, or Proud-N-Powerful’s vicious tag team style.

While the five men have worked well to assist one another in matches, they also featured in one of the most original main events, the cinematic brilliance of the Stadium Stampede, which means they would suit the chaotic style of a Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

It could be quite beneficial for the stable as well, allowing the majority of them to win their first championship in AEW, possibly even having Proud-N-Powerful win the championship as a precursor to winning the main Tag Team Championship. It could also allow Jericho to win another championship, helping legitimise the title, before stepping back and allowing the focus on his teammates.


Best Friends (Chuckie T and Trent) and Orange Cassidy

Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta began teaming in 2013 and were one of the major signing announcements at the inaugural AEW press conferences. However, despite their popularity, it was the inspired decision of partnering them with Orange Cassidy at the end of last year that has taken them to the next level.

Combining the hardworking tag team expertise of The Best Friends with the charismatic ‘King of Sloth Style’ has made them must-see television as they capture the imagination of the AEW audience. Whilst the Best Friends are currently set up for a Tag Team Championship opportunity at AEW Fyter Fest 2020, Cassidy is one of the biggest stars in AEW and immersed in a feud with former AEW Champion Chris Jericho.

Incorporating the chemistry between all three men and utilising them in a burgeoning six-man tag team division would garner a tremendous amount of interest in the titles. It would also be a much more believable manner of having Cassidy win a championship, as he is too relaxed to be emotionally driven to battle for a singles championship.


Death Triangle (PAC, Rey Fenix, and Pentagon)

Death Triangle are one of the most recent stables to debut and one that was seemingly inspired after the three teamed together in January 2020 on AEW Dynamite in a losing effort against The Elite. The trio are an internationally mixed team that combines the high flying flair and extravagance of Lucha Libre with the vicious strong style of PAC that came together at AEW Revolution 2020, attacking The Best Friends to allow PAC to defeat Orange Cassidy.

With all three being huge favourites on the roster who have had issues with The Young Bucks, Best Friends, Omega and Jon Moxley, it seems an inspired decision to allow all three to gain more prominence in the spotlight. With Pentagon and Fenix having previously demonstrated some innovative tag team manoeuvres, it would be interesting to see how PAC blends with The Lucha Brothers in the long term.

To capitalise upon the coming together of the team, there might not be a better team to be the inaugural champions of any Trios Championship.

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