CM Punk (Sort Of) Returns To Wrestling

Don't get your hopes up though.

CM Punk best in the world

Yeah, this happened.

It’s been confirmed by ROH star Silas Young that somehow, someway, CM Punk decided that now was the time for his anticipated in-ring return. Many assumed that one day we’d see Punk debut as part of AEW, others said that the WWE comeback was inevitable, but nobody suspected Punk’s return to be in the hallowed grounds of MKE Wrestling in West Allis, Wisconsin.

So strictly speaking Punk didn’t actually wrestle, he performed as a mysterious masked wrestler that hit the ring to attack Daryck St. Holmes with a powerful GTS.

Young has explained that the venue MKE performed in – The Knights of Columbus Arena – has hosted over 25 years worth of professional wrestling, giving revered indie talent such as CM Punk their first opportunities. So it’s not hard to see why Punk said yes to a hidden cameo.

Could this be a sign of his pending future? As usual with the former WWE Champion, only he has the answers to those questions. We’ll have to see whether Cody and The Bucks have finally snapped him up, or whether he’s returning to his seclusion from the wrestling world.

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