How To Check Your Apex Legends Stats: Wins, K/D, Leaderboards & More

What you need to do to find out your Apex Legends stats, including the sobering reality of your kill-death ratio.

Apex Legends Lifeline

UPDATE: At the start of Season 2, Respawn made it far easier for you to check your personal stats in Apex Legends, though finding leaderboards is still much harder.

Here is how you check your stats in Apex Legends now.

From the lobby, simply hover over your Legend’s head and select the logo.

Apex Legends Screenshot 2019.08.12 -

Once you’ve clicked it, all of your stats will show up.

Apex LEgends stats
This is just a burner account, don’t worry

It’s worth bearing in mind that Season 1 stats aren’t quite working properly, though all Season 2 figures should be correct.

ORIGINAL STORY: Apex Legends is many things. A successful refresh of the tired battle royale formula, a reinvigoration for EA and Respawn, and just generally a really fun time. It is not, however, a game that likes to let you know your stats without some fussing.

Compared to other battle royale games/competitive multiplayer games in general, Apex Legends does not give you a general overview for your stats and performance within the game itself. Instead, it breaks it down per Legend — the characters you play as in the game. Even then, it doesn’t break it down to the same amount of detail as some of its peers — you don’t even have a stat for your K/D.

Until Respawn decide to introduce a better system, here’s how you can figure out your stats in Apex Legends. Check out the index below to go to a specific section.

Apex Legends Stats & Figures
Apex Legends K/D
Apex Legends Wins
Apex Legends Stat Tracking Tools

Apex Legends Stats & Figures

Apex Legends Gibraltar

As mentioned, you need to figure out the individual records for each of the Legends you’ve played as in the game. To do this, go to Legends from the lobby and then find the Legend you want to inspect. From there, find banners and scroll down until you get to trackers.

In trackers, you should find figures like matches played, damage done, kills, revives, and so on. Here they are in full:

– Kills
– Winning Kills
– Kills as Kill Leader
– Damage Done
– Headshots
– Finishers
– Revives
– Games Played
– Wins with Full Squad
– Times Placed Top 3
– Pistol Kills
– Shotgun Kills
– SMG Kills
– AR Kills
– LMG Kills
– Sniper Kills
– Care Package Weapon Kills

There are also three stats per Legend based on their own abilities.

It’s fairly broad; you can even show off these stats on your Legend banner if you either spend Crafting Metals or unlock them via Apex Packs.

How To Check Your Apex Legends K/D

Apex Legends Mirage

Checking your K/D (kill-death ratio) in Apex Legends is actually a very simple formula. All you have to do is take the amount of kills you’ve made divided by the amount of games you’ve played. You can find both of these in your trackers for Legends.

Apex Legends K/D trackers
Apex Legends K/D trackers

500 kills
126 matches played

3.96 kills per death

In terms of figuring out an overall K/D, that is far easier said than done. You will have to add all of your matches played across all Legends and then do the same for kills before you apply the same formula. There is currently no easier method than this.

How To Check Your Apex Legends Wins

Apex Legends Bloodhound

Likewise, tracking Apex wins is far easier said than done; it’s doubtful there are many players out there who have an exact idea of how many wins they have.

There are a couple of ways of tallying up your wins. One of the simplest is to check out the “wins with full squad” stat under individual Legends and then to tot them up. This is great if you have a squad you always team with, but if so much as one of your teammates are absent while you win, the stat won’t get tracked. Kind of a weird oversight on Respawn’s part.

Apex Legends wins with full squad
Apex Legends wins with full squad

There is another method, however, though this one is even less precise. If you go over to an individual Legend and then badges, you should have a special badge if you have a win with that Legend.

Apex Legends win badge
Apex Legends win badge

The more wins you have, the more the badge will “evolve”, i.e. it will change when you have 5>15>50>100 wins.

Again, there’s a lot of guesswork here.

Apex Legends Stat Tracking Tools

Apex legends TRN
Apex legends TRN as of 10/03/19

TRN currently have a flawed but interesting tool that tracks Apex Legends stats thanks to an API. It’s from the same guys who produced the tracker all Fortnite players used.

It pulls the same info you can see in-game in the Legends screen, but it does not figure out a K/D or most of the stats you cannot already see for yourself. Likewise, it can only track the banner you have currently equipped and will only provide stats after the first time you/someone searches for you in the database.

However, the implementation of a leaderboard is very useful for those who want to keep on top of (slightly skewed) leaderboards. View the TRN leaderboards as a rough idea of who has not seen sunlight since February 5th.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and EA that is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It takes place in the Titanfall universe and focuses on the Apex Games: a game show where 20 squads of three compete until there is only one left. Players assume the roles of Legends, who each have their own abilities. For more on the game, be sure to check out our huge range of Apex Legends guides.

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