Black Ops 4: Popular Map Nuketown Returns As Free DLC

Black Ops 4

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is planning to spice the franchise up just a bit with a couple of new bells and whistles, including a battle royale mode, upgraded Specialists, and the lack of a campaign mode. But of course, this is still a Black Ops game, so fans can expect some of the same series staples to come in Treyarch’s fourth entry.

One such staple that pretty much everyone expected is the return of Nuketown. The small, close-quarters map has become an unofficial mascot of the Black Ops titles ever since it made its debut in the first Call of Duty: Black Ops. Since then, Nuketown has appeared as DLC in every new Black Ops title, slightly altering in design to fit the time period that game is set in.

What’s new about Nuketown this time around is that it will be coming as free DLC. That’s right, players won’t have to spend a single dime on this new version of the fan favorite map. Treyarch announced the free DLC on their pre-E3 livestream held on June 7.

The developer also announced that other classic Black Ops maps, Jungle, Slums, Firing Range, and Summit would all be getting redesigns for Black Ops 4; though unlike Nuketown, these maps will all be available in the game at launch. We still don’t have any idea of what the new Nuketown will look like, but expect it to be just as tense and exciting as the ones before it.

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