Battlefield 1 Apocalypse DLC Comes Next Month, Includes Five New Maps

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DICE and EA have announced the newest addition to their ever burgeoning DLC collection. Battlefield 1 Apocalypse takes you through the final days of the Great War. Coming up in February, Premium pass holders will experience three new land based maps and two air based ones in a new game mode.

I haven’t even waded through Turning Tides yet and I am already looking forward to Apocalypse; the DLC for Battlefield 1 has been amazing so far. Admittedly, Cape Helles is a massive struggle if you can’t get off the beach but it only makes it more enjoyable and rewarding when you work with your teammates to take the map. Turning Tides isn’t done quite yet with two more maps coming later on this month in Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge and whilst I cannot wait for those, I now want to try my hand at the three maps coming out in February.

The theme behind the next instalment of BF1 DLC is more about brutal battles encompassing all that was wrong with the Great War. Huge mechanised slaughter. DICE are giving us three new maps in February: Passchendaele, Caporetto and River Somme. The first and last are synonymous with most people in Britain for thousands of men going to their deaths for a few miles of enemy territory.

Passchendaele, or the third battle of Ypres, was a byword for muddy slaughter. The weather did more to both sides than months and months of shelling. Both sides lost more than 200,000 men and the overall campaign lasted more than three months. From the concept art released today, the map could be a skirmish in between waterlogged shell holes, ruined trenches and disintegrated bunkers. The map seems similar to Verdun Heights and St. Quentin Scar. This will be more like fighting a pitched battle over large open spaces and trenches stretching across the map.

Caporetto saw the rout and collapse of the Second Italian Army and was a key demonstration in the effective use of stormtroopers and poison gas. These tactics revolutionised the way in which the Germans fought the war; these tactics were demonstrated at the battle of Caporetto. But what it looks like is that you will be literally fighting an uphill battle against an opponent well dug into the mountain side.

Finally, there’s River Somme, synonymous with mass casualties and men ‘going over the top’. On the first day of the battle, July 1st, the British Army suffered 57,470 casualties, so when playing this map, I am hoping it won’t be simply one player walking towards the other very, very slowly, although the Battlefield site doesn’t give much away. Other than that. I fancy that we will see the very ground us churned up by artillery barrages. I think this map will be more like Rupture fighting in between the poppies and the wheat fields of northern France.

These three maps are coupled with two new maps in brand new mode. Razor’s Edge and London Calling have you clashing with the enemy in a fight in the sky. Especially with London Calling, we het us a brand-new game mode called Air Assault. Battlefield 1 calls it “A rush for ace aviators and sharp-shooting gunners. Air Assault takes to the skies, where planes collide in a fury of dogfights that could include a climactic face-off with Airships.”
Not only that, but we have a bunch of goodies to dismember our opponents with, including the Livens Projector, which fills the air with poison gas or the AA rocket gun which will finally solve the problem of being at the mercy of low flying aircraft. Along with a few other melee weapons and 6 new guns, Battlefield Apocalypse seems like real deal in realising the full potential of BF1.

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