Atomicrops Coming To PS4, Xbox One & Switch This May

Gonna crop?

Atomicrops (not triceratops, despite what my spellcheck believes) from developer Bird Bath Games and publisher Raw Fury will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on May 28th.

The twisted action roguelite farming simulator comes to console after a stint in Early Access on the Epic Games Store, which will also have its 1.0 release on May 28th. The console and PC versions of the game will have the same features, as expected.

There’s no news on it also coming to Steam, though with it only releasing on EGS late last year and most EGS timed exclusivity deals lasting for a year, expect more info the closer we get to Q4 2020.

Here’s the trailer.

And the synopsis:

Atomicrops is an action roguelite farming simulator. Armed with your hoe, a watering pail, and a fully automatic weapon, you must grow ultra-GMO crops to feed the local town… and make a hefty profit. Defend your land from the mutant pests and bandits that invade nightly to ravage your fields. Court and wed townsfolk to fight and farm by your side. Gather upgrades to increase yields, profit, and power. Befriend the local wildlife to help with the chores.

We actually had the chance to play an early build of Atomicrops and we liked it a lot, appreciating its zany nature while also understanding that it needed a few more hooks to really enter its stride. Hopefully Atomicrops has planted its seeds smartly for its full release this May.

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