All The Details From The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct

Hello, Tom Nook. Our old nemesis.

Animal Crossing

Today’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Direct revealed a host of new information regarding the upcoming game. You could even say it was up to 25 minutes worth of information. We’ve included a link to the video below, but if you prefer to read about the game, here’s all the key details you need to know about the new Animal Crossing.

  • You can choose the island you’d like to live in from a range of options, and it’ll be affected by date, time and location. Depending on if you’re in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, it’ll either be Summer or Winter. Activities will change with the seasons, as per usual.
  • You’ll start off by setting up your tent wherever you like, and you can set up the tents of other residents too.
  • Resident Services is open 24 hours, can buy and sell items there, along with crafting new items. You’ll be able to decorate your island with the items made via crafting, and they can be customised to boot.
  • The Airport allows you to invite other residents to your island via local play or wireless, or visit other islands too. There’s also an in-game postal service that’ll let you interact with other residents.
  • Nook Inc. will provide you with a Nookphone that comes with a variety of apps, including a camera.
  • Tom Nook gives announcements at the start of each day.
  • The Nook Mileage program is a series of missions that rewards miles, which are used to pay off what you owe Tom Nook for the holiday package, because OF COURSE HE MUST COLLECT WHAT HE IS OWED. You can use obtain rewards using miles once all debts are settled.
  • You can encounter some strange creatures at night, and castaways can sometimes wash ashore on your island.
  • Optional extras include a house instead of a tent, but it means you’ll owe Tom Nook again. More space and customisation options, but you’ll be under that Tanuki’s heel once again. There’s also extensions and remodelling options available.
  • Nook Miles can be used to buy tickets to travel to mystery islands that’ll have their own creatures, items and characters.
  • Up to 8 users can live on one island, and you can use party play to explore as a team of up to 4. Everyone follows a leader, those you can easily switch between leaders on the fly.
  • Nook Link is a smartphone app that’ll let you import designs from other Animal Crossing games, and can be used for voice and text chat when player with others. It’s set to launch just after the March 20th release date of the game.
  • Other residents and facilities will be added to the island as time passes, includes a museum, shops with items that can’t be crafted, a tailor and more. The Residents Service facility will be expanded on too.
  • Everyone’s favourite girl Isabelle will be on hand to customise different aspects of the island. No Doomguy in sight though.
  • Tourists will appear throughout, offering new items and customs that aren’t seen on the island.
  • There will be seasonal events and free updates planned, like you’d expect from an Animal Crossing game.
  • You’ll be able to construction bridges and slopes to better navigate the island, and once unlocked, you’ll be able to freely pave paths to houses. You’ll even be able to freely modify the island layout, including shaping rivers and cliffs to your liking.
  • With one Switch and copy of the game, you can have up to eight residents on the island.
  • Amiibo support is confirmed, for Animal Crossing related Amiibo. Some characters will be added in the future.
  • You can forbid certain players from making environmental changes to your island. Only best friends can make changes by using tools like an axe and shovel.
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t support cloud saves, but they’re working on implementing some kind of back-up system should your console breaks.
  • More details will be shared about the upcoming game ahead of its March 20th launch on the official Animal Crossing Twitter account.

All in all, Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks like a brilliant addition to the series that should please fans. What were your thoughts on the game? Let us know in the comments.

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