Alan Wake 2: Release Date, Platforms & What You Should Know

Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 is the sequel that fans of the original game have been waiting on for over a decade. After years of on-again, off-again development, the second full installment in the survival horror franchise is finally set to release.

So far, gamers only have one trailer about the newest Alan Wake game to go off of when figuring out what to expect. Luckily, this brief look at Alan Wake 2 sets fans up for a sequel that’s fully immersed in a terrifying world of survival horror. With all this anticipation, gamers are likely to be wondering just when Alan Wake 2’s release date is.


When Is Alan Wake 2 Coming Out?

Alan Wake 2 is currently set to launch sometime in 2023, with not much more information having been given on a specific date. A 2023 release was confirmed back in October 2022, when the game’s developer released a business review that named Alan Wake 2 as its next major launch.

While delays are not uncommon in the gaming universe, Alan Wake fans can be fairly certain that no unexpected delays should happen before the sequel’s upcoming release.


What Is Alan Wake 2 About?

Alan Wake 2 seems to find everyone’s favorite miserable author right back in the same intense psychological struggles that he was battling in Alan Wake. The darkness continues to relentlessly torment Alan Wake much as it did in the original game, with Alan most likely falling into some pretty dark situations. This aspect might infer that Alan views himself as one of the monsters mentioned in the trailer’s voiceover.

The location of the sequel would seem to be the Dark Place, which Alan has become a rather long-term guest of. Mr. Scratch also appears to be a prominent part of the story and is just as sinister as he was before. Gamers will likely find themselves guiding Alan as he tries to find his way out of the Dark Place and back to his beloved wife, with the fate of Bright Falls yet to be revealed.


What Platforms Is Alan Wake 2 On?

There may only be one trailer for Alan Wake 2, but that one clip is full of insightful information about the upcoming game. Mainly, it reveals which platforms Alan Wake 2 will be available on upon its release.

The sequel is coming to PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X & S. Alan Wake 2 has a fairly broad availability, although it does seem to be skipping over the older generations of consoles, like the PS4 and Xbox One. It also will not be coming to Steam as it’s being published by Epic.


Who Is Developing Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is being developed by Remedy Entertainment. Its publisher is none other than Epic Games Publishing, hence its release availability being exclusively through the Epic Games Store.

Remedy is the well-known mastermind behind the Max Payne franchise and Quantum Break. They also developed Control, which contains several allusions to Alan Wake. The game’s AWE expansion is even a crossover between Control and Alan Wake and is part of the Alan Wake universe.

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