AEW Sign Weekly TV Deal With TNT

Turner's back in the game

The new and exciting All Elite Wrestling has finally secured a TV deal with TNT. Confirmed via a tweet earlier today, Turner’s network will be spearheading the movement into a new era for sports entertainment, much like he did during the prelude to the Monday Night Wars. AEW’s weekly televised broadcast will take place during prime time hours, perhaps to compete with Fox’s newest acquisition of SmackDown Live. Not much else has been revealed so far, but fans have been assured that they will be able to catch AEW’s first pay-per-view Double or Nothing on the Turner B/R live platform.

TNT’s goal is to provide wrestling fans with “less scripted, soapy drama, and more athleticism and real sports analytics, bringing a legitimacy to wrestling”. They aim to do this through the introduction of a ranking system, in which wins and losses play a pivotal role in determining the card’s hierarchy. Producers also look to provide fans with a critical analysis of an individual wrestler’s move-set and gameplans heading into their weekly performances. On paper, this is quite ambitious for any wrestling promotion. WWE themselves attempted to create a more competitive and legitimate feel to their material with SmackDown Live’s power rankings, but ultimately that fell at the first hurdle and was forgotten about after a week or two.

Key members of the AEW production team and main roster were present for this major announcement. Cody, The Young Bucks, Britt Baker and more were all pleased to see AEW follow in the footsteps of WWE’s last major competition, by signing with TNT. Here’s hoping that their brand doesn’t follow suit too closely and put Kenny Omega’s Mum on a pole.

Will you be tuning in to AEW each week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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