AEW Revolution Match Card and Predictions

Grudges will be settled, hands might leave pockets.

AEW Revolution

The revolution, they say, will not be televised. Not when they can make people watch it on Pay per view anyway. This Saturday, AEW presents their latest big event, with eight huge matches scheduled to take place. We’ve got tag team partners that don’t get along, emo skateboarders, an actual alien and a whole lot of eyepatches. Yes, AEW’s promise of a serious, sports focussed presentation may have lasted less time than it takes Adam Page to chug a beer, but that hasn’t stopped the show being a whole lot of fun.

Every match, except maybe the late addition of PAC vs Orange Cassidy, has been built fantastically. There’s genuine intrigue surrounding each encounter, something that is hard to say about the majority of wrestling cards (I’m looking at you, Super Showdown). Some are easier to predict than others but we’re genuinely excited to see how it all plays out. So without further ado, here are our predictions for AEW Revolution.


Jake Hager vs Dustin Rhodes

If you’d have told us five years ago that we’d be genuinely invested in a Jack Swagger vs Goldust match, we’d have definitely believed you because we’re just cool like that.

Spare a thought for the hosses of AEW, who can’t seem to buy a win at the moment. With both Wardlow and Jeff Cobb suffering pinfall defeats in their debut matches, will we see the trend continue here? Probably not.

Despite being with AEW since their first television broadcast way back in dirty old 2019, Hager is yet to compete in an official match. He has, however, managed to both slam Dustin’s arm in a car door and throw him into a food trolley, so you know this one is personal.

I think Hager wins here but Dustin puts in a great showing, refusing to give in to Hager’s onslaught until he can’t go any more. Hager has been positioned as the main muscle in the Inner Circle so needs to continue to look strong. There’s still so much mileage in Chris Jericho’s group so it doesn’t make sense for their strongest member to lose. Hey, that’s what Sammy Guevara is for.

Winner: Jake Hager


Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin

Speaking of Sammy, The Spanish God goes one on one with Darby Allin in a battle of the rookie sensations. Both men have had phenomenal debut years in AEW, proving that the company is capable of creating new stars. Who knew that all it took was stealing the cue cards bit from Love Actually?

The reaction that Allin received upon his return to AEW at the Atlanta Dynamite show was amazing. I haven’t heard a pop like that since the last time Sid Vicious jumped off the top rope. It’s a testament to how Darby has slowly been built up as a credible competitor and the faith AEW has put into their less well known roster members.

Sammy is one of those rare talents that doesn’t need to win. He can certainly go in the ring, but his cocky persona is almost enhanced with every defeat. A loss here wouldn’t hurt Guevara but could do a lot to elevate Allin. Darby needs this as a springboard to advance up the card while Sammy retreats to the safety in numbers of The Inner Circle.

Winner: Darby Allin


PAC vs Orange Cassidy

A very late addition to the card, this match was only announced on the go home edition of Dynamite. This should be the easiest match to predict: PAC is one of the most intense competitors to ever lace up while Orange Cassidy is, well, Orange Cassidy.

The sticking point is the popularity of Cassidy. The reactions he gets (and the t-shirts he sells) cannot be overlooked. If he were to stand toe to toe with PAC, or even pick up an extreme upset victory, the roof would blow off the Chicago Arena. Chuck Taylor and Trent even told us on Dynamite that Orange Cassidy might try!

At the end of the day, I think that is what we are going to see. Cassidy will, indeed, try. They will finally let “Freshly Squeezed” show off some of his in ring talent and he will give PAC his best. PAC isn’t going to lose here, though. He’s too big a part of AEW to have him lose to Orange Cassidy, as much as a large portion of the crowd would love to see it.

Winner: PAC


Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander – AEW Women’s Championship

It’s hard to imagine that Nyla will lose her championship in her first title defence and it feels too soon for Statlander to win the title despite the strong way she has been booked. Rose has made a lot of threats since becoming champion, including stating that she will be a 1 time champion as she is never losing the belt. I don’t think AEW uses such strong rhetoric if they are planning a title change so soon.

Statlander is a great competitor. While I like the character, it could do with a bit of refinement and clarification. I feel she will be AEW Women’s Champion one day, but not today. I think she will be kept strong in defeat for another tilt at the title down the line, but The Native Beast will prevail.

Winner: Nyla Rose


Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs The Young Bucks – AEW Tag Team Championship

Perhaps the hardest call of the night. There are strong arguments for both teams to be victorious, such is the brilliance of the booking leading us to this point. It feels like there is a turn coming, leading to an implosion of The Elite, but it’s genuinely difficult to predict how it will happen, when it will happen, and who it will happen to.

Adam Page has been the main focus here. His crisis of confidence leading to an alcohol dependence and distrust of his closest friends has been intriguing to watch. There’s a real subtlety to the way the storyline has been handled. Are The Young Bucks genuinely concerned for their friend or are they using his demons against him to gain an advantage? Is Kenny Omega really invested in a tag title run, or is his mind elsewhere? Will Adam Page be sober for long enough to hold up his end of the match?

I’m going to go for a Young Bucks victory here. A lot of the build, from their point of view, has focused on the team being at their most aggressive when backed into a corner. I think we will see a strong, competitive match, with The Young Bucks taking a cheap victory to win the titles. There’s been little hints here and there that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to win the belts. They believe that they are the best tag team in the world, and as such, should hold the AEW tag team titles.

Winners: The Young Bucks


MJF vs Cody

Another amazingly built feud here, as Cody finally gets his hands on MJF. With more cages, whippings and kicks to the groin than your average sex dungeon, it’s certainly been engaging to watch.

Again, this one is tough to call. While it makes sense that Cody would finally get his revenge given the hell that MJF and Wardlow have put him through over the last few weeks, there’s an awful lot more mileage left in the story should MJF succeed.

Cody has already shown that he is more than happy to help elevate other talent. Look how well Dary Allin is doing now after his matches with Cody. He’s already been ruled out of AEW title contention thanks to his loss to Chris Jericho, so there’s absolutely no rush to get him out of this feud with MJF.

I think MJF wins in shady circumstances and refuses to give Cody a rematch until a point where he is forced to. This feud is too good to end it after one high profile match, and the best way to prolong things is with an MJF victory.

Winner: MJF


The Dark Order vs SCU

Given the emphasis that has been placed on The Dark Order and their unknown leader, it would be counterproductive to have them lose here. A victory over the former tag champs SCU seems inevitable. The real story is whether The Exalted One decides to reveal himself.

Christopher Daniels is likely to be involved one way or another and could even play into the outcome of the match. Will he turn his back on SCU after weeks of teasing, or will he show once and for all that he is SCU through and through?

I think The Dark Order finally start to make good on their promises here, with a dominant victory over a very credible team alongside the big debut of a certain Broken individual.

Winner: The Dark Order


Chris Jericho vs Jon Moxley – AEW World Championship

Le Champion has been, by far, the highlight of AEW’s first year as a fully fledged company. It was expected that he would make an impact but he has truly made AEW Dynamite unmissable. The only character as magnetic as Jericho has been Jon Moxley, his early promise coming to fruition as he becomes comfortable with the creative freedom afforded by AEW. As much as I’m looking forward to it, it’s almost a shame that this match has to happen. Neither man deserves to lose.

I think, at the end of the day, Jericho is moving the needle a little further than Moxley. Jericho is the main reason AEW continues to defeat NXT in the ratings and I imagine that they would be hesitant to change this winning formula. Even though he’s held the title for quite some time, it’s too early to halt the Inner Circle.

I’m not sure where that would leave Moxley in the grand scheme of things. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere for him to naturally go, given how invested he’s been with Jericho, but I’m sure he will rebound well.

Winner: Chris Jericho

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