Adam Sandler is Halloween’s Biggest Fan in Netflix’s Hubie Halloween

No, this isn't Adam Sandler's revenge film.

Netflix just released the official trailer for Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween, which feels like a mix of Sandler’s The Waterboy and Murder Mystery, and it looks like Sandler is back to his wheelhouse again after last year’s Uncut Gems.

Most would remember Sandler’s comment that if he doesn’t get an Oscar nomination for Uncut Gems, he’s going to come back with a film so bad on purpose, just so he could make us all pay. Hubie Halloween isn’t that revenge film, considering it was filmed last year, so if it’s bad, it’s not on purpose.

The film looks like it will be spoofing on quite a few horror films, kind of like Scary Movie in its hey day. Already we notice the reference to Stephen and Joe King’s In the Tall Grass, which is a Netflix original movie, and the cast includes Noah Schnapp, who is most well known for his portrayal of Will Byers in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Sandler did sign a deal with Netflix to do four more movies under the Happy Madison banner, so promoting Netflix content as well as using IP that Netflix has just makes business sense. Sandler’s character also gets chased by a bunch of people in Scream masks, so we have that to look forward to.

The film’s cast is filled with really funny people, actors like Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, Rob Schneider, Kenan Thompson and Steve Buscemi. There is also quite a few Disney stars onboard, like China Anne McClain and Peyton List.

Considering the kind of year 2020 has been, we could all use a feel-good Adam Sandler comedy, even if it ends up being mediocre. Hubie Halloween will be released on Netflix October 7, 2020.

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