6 Old Games to Cure Next-Gen Blues

Crash Bash

Sometimes there are things to do, and whenever there aren’t, there are always new games to play… but why? Games greater than I could ever have imagined are already out there, and almost every genre has been covered in impressive depth and detail.

With this in mind, I decided to buy a Playstation 2, and – of course, some of the games I used to own when I was a pre teen. Those years are full of a mix of memories for me, but the best were always in front of a console with friends. From playing Centipede with my sister as six year olds, to playing WWE games with an old friend, Andy; I have lots of fond gaming memories. However, alone – and just trying to cure the boredom that often arises, here are some of my favourite games, and the reasons why.


6. Crash Bash (PS1)

Crash Bash was one of the many Crash Bandicoot games, a game that was so well known, I believe, because every Charlie Chalk’s had a playstation inside. Doesn’t that just take you back?

Crash Bash was what I think of as a party game. A game designed to have more than one player, and even as a teenager, I found hours of enjoyment on the dozens of bizarre games that only 90’s games developers could think up.


5. Shadow of Rome (PS2)

Shadow of Rome is the first gladiatorial game I will cover. Nowadays I think of it as a more fun predecessor to Ryse’s online mode. There was a good story to the game, although very similar to the film, Gladiator. That, however, was not why so many people played this game religiously.

There was something incredibly satisfying about decapitating an enemy, and then throwing his head into the crowd, or beating someone else to death with it. Gruesome, yes. But fun? Incredibly.


4. Family Guy Back to The Multiverse (PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

Family Guy succeeded in producing one of the most hilarious games of its generation. There is something incredibly soothing about shooting people with Peter’s nail gun.I can’t quite say what it is, but I definitely recommend getting the game to have an incredibly fun gaming experience.

Unfortunately, like so many games that could have been perfect, it comes with a definite flaw.


3. Gladius (Gamecube/PS2/Xbox)

Gladius was one of those incredibly awful games that should have been so much more. A game where terrible delivery, too much text, and agonising pauses between each predictably cheesy line killed off the mood of the story line. So I hear you asking why I have rated it so highly. Well to put it simply, there are a great many problems with the game. A great, great, many.

But if you strip it back to what it is underneath the over production, then it is either a very basic Dungeons and Dragons, or a very complicated game of chess. Either way, it is a gladiatorial turn based strategy, that beyond its faults managed to create such a following that petitions have circulated demanding a sequel or a remake. I think that speaks for itself, it may be a cult classic, but it is still hours of tactical fun!


2. Flatout (PC/PS2 /Xbox)

Flatout was one of those games that was so few and far between. A game that never disappointed, EVER. A game that could offer hours of entertainment with nothing more than an incredible execution of a basic premise. With a host of awesome music, picked well to frame the utter chaos of the driving.

Flatout was a racing game beyond compare, with a physics engine that truly made the mind boggle. Imagine hollywood style car crashes, in a game. Imagine crashing so hard into something that the driver of the car is launched from their seat, and you will be imagining Flatout. It was one of those games that never became particularly big, but has always been my definitively favourite racing game. To put it simply, it was insane.


1. Futurama (Gamecube/PS2/Xbox)

It has to be said that Futurama was the kind of bizarrely brilliant game that came out of the early 00’s that – like Family Guy BTTM – has a host of awesome extras and plenty of in-jokes taken straight from the show that just keep the geekgasms coming for someone like me.

As a giant fan, the game kept me amused for hours, but had I known nothing of the show, it would likely not have entertained me as much.

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