5 Reasons Why Apple’s MacBook Pro 2012 is Still One of the Best Notebooks for 2016

I picked up a second hand Apple MacBook Pro 2012 a few months ago, and upon spending just a few hours with it – it really is no surprise why people pay such a premium for anything and everything Apple.

Apple’s MacBook Pro series has, without a shadow of a doubt, stood the test of time better than any other notebook line to date – with the 2012 model only very recently being erased from Apple’s very own website, which certainly says something when a technology company still actively advertises a 4-year-old product. The sleek, minimalistic notebook of yesteryear still remains very relevant with: students, artists, musicians, journalists, and the list could go on infinitely. In short, people keep on lapping up these sophisticated machines of technological wonder year after year – but why?

With the 2016 line of Macs predicted to be announced next month, let’s take a look at five reasons why I believe the MacBook Pro 2012 is still one of the best notebooks to get in 2016.

1. The design is timeless
It’s no secret that Apple actively caters towards the fashion-conscious and egotistical citizens within our society. The backlit and very in-your-face Apple logo on the back of almost every MacBook is a dead giveaway. That being said, is that always a bad thing? The MacBook development team has managed to create a fantastical marvel of human ingenuity and attention to detail that has withstood the test of time for almost a decade. Since the original MacBook Pro’s release in 2006, very little has changed with regard to exterior aesthetics and ergonomics – something a PC notebook team couldn’t hope to achieve even in their wildest dreams. The minimalistic interface of the MacBook Pro 2012, and indeed even its predecessors, is still guaranteed to turn heads even today.

2. The machine is upgradable
This is quite possibly the single pivotal decider on whether to invest in a 2012 MacBook model or 2013 for the tech-savvy amongst us. Something the 2012 MacBook has that the 2013 rather disappointingly lacks, is upgradability for certain internal components within the uni-body aluminium cocoon. 2013 was the year that Apple decided to begin soldering components, such as RAM, to the motherboards of their computers – this meant you were forced to purchase the computer with the configuration desired at the checkout, rather than having the ability to improve components when your machine is nearing the point of obsoletion. The importance of this feature can be summed up with a single market trend: buying a PC tower from 2006 is still completely acceptable for the majority of consumers, whereas buying a MacBook Pro 2013 is essentially throwing £400 away after 2 years. Please, however, do your research before performing an upgrade.

3. The software is excellent
All recent Macintosh products run on Apple’s very own proprietary operating system called Mac OS-X (insert version number here). This software is like Windows, except it’s absolutely not and is 1,000,000 times better, honest. All jokes aside, the operating system is nothing short of excellency (noticing a trend here with Apple products?), and is very famously favoured over Windows by a lot of producers and public figures because of Apple’s very own suite of applications that are exclusive to OS-X – with Final Cut Pro X being the most notable example. The latest version (OS-X El Capitan) still runs absolutely perfectly on my MacBook Pro 2012, as does the upcoming new macOS Sierra beta. The MBP 2012 will likely still receive software update compatibility for donkeys yet, and the upgradable nature of the device will ensure it will still be able to run any new increments of OS-X.

Did I mention Macs can run Windows too?

4. They’re cheap
Well, for a MacBook. I picked my notebook up second hand in April of 2016 for the grand sum of £250 (plus £20 P&P). A little patience and a keen eye for bargains is sure to get you far. All you have to do is give it a freshening up, and a clean install of OS-X El Capitan and you’re ready to go. Apple products are also well known for holding value well, I could probably sell my MBP on eBay in a few years’ time for barely less than what I paid for it – leaving you with a large wad of cash to go towards your next purchase.

5. Everything just works
It’s so easy to take for granted, but once you step back and inhale the fresh air of simplicity – it’s virtually impossible to breathe anything else. As mentioned previously, Mac devices run OS-X – Apple’s own proprietary OS. This means that, since there’s such a limited number of different Macs in the ecosystem to look after, Apple can afford to ensure all devices are working flawlessly. This combined with Apple’s heavily regulated App Store means that your delve into everything Mac will be a seamless journey, unrivalled by other platforms.

There you have it – five reasons why you should pick up a 4-year-old computer in 2016. Please let me know by leaving a comment if you picked up a MBP 2012 and what you thought of it.

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