5 Potential Summerslam Plans For Roman Reigns

He's got to be challenging Brock again at SummerSlam, right?


WWE revealed that this Monday’s episode of Raw shall include Roman Reigns announcing his plans for Summerslam. Speculation has been thrown about all over the internet as to what exactly The Big Dog has in store for the Universe, so here are five potential outcomes for WWE’s second biggest show of the year.


1. The Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns
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Roman’s been kept out of the title picture since kicking off feuds with The Undertaker and Braun Strowman, and considering the amount of disdain against him steamrolling over more challengers as Raw’s top guy, it’s probably been for the best. But there’s only so much one man can achieve before it would be silly not to warrant him a title shot.


Brock and Roman have been on a collision course since the finish of Wrestlemania 31 – after their WWE World Heavyweight title match ended inconclusively following the cash-in from Seth Rollins. In what was a fantastic match that exceeded expectations, it laid the foundations for a climactic rematch somewhere down the line. Little did I expect it to be over two years later, but should Brock successfully defend his title against Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire, then I don’t see a better time for the anticipated rematch than Summerslam.

Roman’s announcement could simply be that he wants to challenge whoever ends up with the Universal title come August, whether that be Brock Lesnar or Samoa Joe, I’m sure it’s going to be a match that the Universal Title picture sorely needs.


2. Big Match John vs Big Dog Roman

John Cena

It seems that the plans are in motion for Cena to return as a free agent, having the freedom to appear on whichever brand he chooses. I personally don’t agree with undermining the brand extension for the sake of a single match, but then again, the world needs to see Roman Reigns vs John Cena and the torch needs to be passed.

Roman Reigns has made a career out of kicking the legend out of some of the industry’s biggest names – including The Undertaker and Triple H – there’s only a few left on the Mount Rushmore of wrestling for him to spear through. John Cena’s full-time position in the WWE has come to an end, so he cannot be relied upon to be the sole draw for live events and TV ratings. Considering how much they’ve built Roman Reigns over the past few years, it seems only necessary for him to go over Cena in a big match situation.

It’ll be interesting to see who the more complacent fans are going to side with in this huge main event and whether they present this match as a Hogan/Warrior esque clash of the babyfaces or with Reigns taking steps into heel territory again. Whether this takes place at Summerslam or they save it for an even bigger event such as Wrestlemania, it’ll be a match worth watching.


3. Family drama

Roman Reigns and The Rock
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Dwayne Johnson has stayed pretty clear of WWE as of late, having not competed (properly) since Wrestlemania 29. Becoming one of the biggest box office attractions, recently starring in the reboot of Baywatch, his status as a wrestling legend has somewhat dwindled. Perhaps Roman Reigns is the man to bring out the people’s champion for one last hurrah?

Being The Rock’s cousin is no easy lifestyle, having to live up to the superstardom that Dwayne created for himself and be constantly compared to him and his legacy. Surely that would ire Roman just a little bit, now that he’s forging his own legend, it would be a historic moment to see him challenge his cousin so he could surpass even he.

It would make for an unexpected surprise to include The Rock in this year’s Summerslam build, as his relations with WWE have been on the down-low ever since he hosted Wrestlemania 32. All we know is that certain health and insurance issues have kept him from working a full match, should he be able to, it would be a great time to pull the trigger on a huge Anoa’i family feud.


4. Reigns chooses not to compete

Roman Reigns RAW after wrestlemania

Maybe this would be a little too anti-climactic, but there is always the possibility that Roman Reigns could swerve everyone and decide that he won’t be showing up for Summerslam. Whether the universe likes him or not, he is the biggest draw next to John Cena and would be a huge loss to WWE if he chose to leave for other ventures. Fans have consistently rained (heh) hellfire down upon him since his monster push in 2014 and aren’t letting up on their opinions. Reigns has shown on occasion that he’s not scared to rile up the fans or shrug off their hatred for him, but they persist with him as a babyface character.

Having failed to enter the Universal Title picture, and currently waiting on a certain monster among men to make his in-ring return, Reigns seems to be just loitering around waiting for a decent feud to come his way. Maybe this is a good chance for him to ’embrace the hate’ and decide to take a hiatus from the ring for the Summerslam period, in spite of the fans. Even though this decision would likely lead to a massive pop from a smarky crowd, it would disappoint the pro-Reigns fanbase and create more of a consensus against him.

Having him totally vanish from weekly shows leading up to the event, only for him to make a surprise appearance and attack the Universal Champion or another of Raw’s top stars could be a huge moment and the start of a new chapter in his career.



Braun Strowman wrestling Roman reigns

BRAUNNN Strowman has been out with injury as of late, due to the brutal attack on him at London’s O2 Arena by none other than the owner of the yard, Roman Reigns. Rumours are floating that BRAUNNN is prepared for a comeback over the coming months, leading into Summerslam season and the natural assumption would be that they would conclude the feud between him and Reigns.

Having Roman address these rumours on Raw and challenge BRAUNN to some sort of no-DQ match would make for one hell of a hype comeback and hopefully a solid Raw main event behind the Universal Championship. BRAUNN deserves to be right in the centre of the main event scene after becoming so incredibly over, by using Reigns to effectively announce his return and build for that amazing pop when his music first hits would do him so many favours.

Where do you see them going this coming Monday night? Who would you like to see Roman Reigns paired off with for Summerslam?


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