5 Dream Return Matches For Big Show

One final run for the big guy?

This past Monday night on RAW, Big Show made his triumphant return to the squared circle after what feels like an age. Big Show was sidelined with an injury which has kept him out of action for over a year, giving ‘The Worlds largest athlete’ time to work on other projects including an upcoming special Netflix series.

It was certainly a pleasant surprise to see The Big Show come to the aid of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe to help fend off Seth Rollins and The AOP, luckily he’s re-entering the scene in time for the 2020 Royal Rumble, which of course means that we need to question just who could eliminate a giant?

This could possibly be Big Show’s final run with the company, so it’s time to put on our fantasy booking hats and start thinking of some dream return matches for the big man himself. Make sure you drop your own personal fantasy hoss-offs in the comments section down below.


1. Braun Strowman

Source: WWE

Cast your minds back to the autumn of 2017. Just prior to Big Show’s injury, Show was involved in some pretty intense matches with ‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman. Many would groan at the idea of two larger competitors slugging it out with one another, assuming that the matches would boil down to 15 minutes of rest holds and the occasional bodyslam. This feud turned out to be far from the typical standards of a powerhouse match, delivering some of the best action we’ve seen from Big Show in years.

The feud climaxed with a highly-regarded steel cage match on RAW, where Strowman ploughed Big Show through the cage wall with an almighty powerslam. This was the peak of Big Show’s newfound stamina and athletic ability. With Big Show now even more jacked than he was in the latter half of 2017, why not let the two hosses go for one more round?

Strowman could certainly do with a bit of momentum behind him, a rematch with Big Show could be right up his street. Where usually the bigger guys are best reserved for matches with wrestlers half their size, these two had a natural chemistry that needs to be exploited while Big Show can still be taken seriously in the ring.


2. Keith Lee

Source: WWE

Perhaps another bigg’un in WWE that could do with learning a thing or two from one of the most prolific giants in wrestling history is none other than Keith Lee. ‘Limitless’ Lee has finally been receiving the hype he deserves as part of the NXT roster, recently going toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns as part of the closing moments of the men’s Survivor Series match. Lee is a unique talent that is still soaking in the knowledge and experience of his peers, who better than Big Show to show him the ropes?

This is a perfect opportunity for both Big Show and Keith Lee to show their insane feats of strength. Big Show could bump about and make Keith Lee look like an absolute beast, should they decide to put the two together down at Full Sail, or even on the main roster come Royal Rumble time.

There are few other bigger superstars outside of Keith Lee that are destined for big things on the main roster. It’s time for Big Show to start shepherding in the next generation of giants.


3. Cesaro

Source: WWE

Big Show was involved in one of the more memorable moments of WrestleMania 30, outside of Daniel Bryan of course. In the closing moments of the first-ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Cesaro lifted the Big Show over his head and dumped him over the top rope to win the whole thing. Fans were stunned at this incredible show of Cesaro’s inner hench, and the replay was one of the most YouTube’d scenes the day after.

Big Show and Cesaro never got their big pay-off match to follow up this moment, then again, Cesaro didn’t really get anything after his big WrestleMania win. It’s definitely not too late for either of these men to step in the ring together on the big stage, perhaps even put together another huge moment that fans can recall as one of the most dramatic athletic feats of all time. Maybe Cesaro could swing the 500+ pounder for 10 minutes straight? Or deliver the hotly anticipated UFO finisher?

Again, Cesaro is another superstar that could do with a big win behind him. ‘The Swiss Cyborg’ always seems on the verge of becoming a big star, but WWE tend to drop the ball at the last minute. Big Show could be the first of a long line of success stories for Cesaro.


4. Ricochet

Source: WWE

There’s nothing better than seeing a big guy wrestle a much smaller opponent with a perchance for flips. Big Show has had some incredible matches in the past with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, why not modernise it slightly with a bout against Ricochet.

‘The One and Only’ may be the greatest high-flier that WWE will ever lay their hands on, yet we’ve seen very few occasions where Ricochet has been matched up against someone bigger than him. His work with Drew McIntyre has been low-key exceptional, so there’s definitely potential for him to put together an incredible piece of wrestling with someone as experienced as Big Show.

Ricochet could not only make Big Show look more threatening that he has done in a decade, but could also match him in striking ability and the occasional feat of core strength. It’d be interesting to see the two conflicting styles meet in the ring and could help give Ricochet that extra boost of credibility that he desperately needs on a crowded roster.


5. Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury
Source: WWE

Not sure how well this would go down, but Tyson Fury vs Big Show is quite possibly one of the biggest box office draws of this era. Back in the distant past of 2008, Show stepped in the ring with boxing legend Floyd Maywether as part of WrestleMania 24, in a typical token celebrity match. Nobody expected that match to be as fun as it ended up. Big Show was performing in a new gear and Maywether gave as good as he got in his first ‘wrestling’ match.

Fast forward to 2020, Tyson Fury has been leaving a meagre mark on the wrestling world after his Saudi showdown with Braun Strowman. Fury could follow in Floyd’s footsteps by going toe-to-toe with Big Show, matching him for striking power and sheer size. It would be an absolute spectacle to see them knock 50 shades of sugar out of each other.

I’m sure Big Show would be more than down for a chance to not pull any of his punches, and we’re all certain that WWE are nowhere near finished with milking Tyson Fury for his marketable status. We have a potential WrestleMania dream match in the works here, whether or not WWE choose to run with it is an entirely different argument.


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