5 Best Moments From Hell In A Cell 2019

What stood out for you?

At Hell in a Cell 2019, the WWE Universe bared witness to several great matches. We saw ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt and ‘The Beastslayer’ Seth Rollins tear each other apart inside the demonic structure for the Universal Championship and we also watched ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch and ‘The Boss’ turn Hell in a Cell into their own personal toy store.

While there has been significant controversy that has followed on from this pay-per-view, we want to run down a few things that we can all be more positive about. Here are the top five moments from Hell in a Cell.


5. The Fiend and Seth Rollins Torture Each Other

This entry would have been number one on this list if not for the atrocity that occurred in the closing moments. For over a month now we’ve been watched ‘The Fiend’ terrorize and viciously attack the Universal Champion Seth Rollins on Raw and SmackDown Live.

The resilient champion stared right into the face of fear as ‘The Fiend’ made his entrance into the cell. The bell rang and an eerie red lighting hovered over the ring that provided a horror-esque feeling.

Everything that Rollins dished out Wyatt withstood, forcing the champion to go to a very dark place to defeat his challenger. While the ending was not entirely appreciated, one thing we cannot deny is that ‘The Fiend’ had a great showing in only his second match since returning from hiatus. Rollins has slayed a beast and a monster, but he couldn’t stop ‘The Fiend’.


4. The Viking Raiders Continue To Build Momentum

On the August 26th episode of Raw, The Viking Raiders and The OC were both disqualified in the largest tag gauntlet in WWE history. After weeks of hard-fought tag team matches, the two tandems waged war in six-man tag action at Hell in a Cell alongside AJ Styles and ‘The Monster Among Men’ Braun Strowman.

The high-octane action was exhilarating with Erik and Ivar being given the opportunity to showcase their freakish abilities in the squared circle. AJ Styles entered the fray and all three members of The O.C. overpowered their rivals with the numbers game. The hot tag went to Strowman who cleaned house, bulldozing anyone who stood in his path. A slight mishap saw ‘The Monster’ crash into the ring post which allowed Styles to lock in the Calf Crusher.

The Viking Raiders made the save by disposing Gallows and Anderson to the outside. Styles hit Ivar with the Phenomenal Forearm but he was caught by Strowman. Gallows and Anderson came to Styles’ aid causing a disqualification.

The match may have ended but the battle sure as hell didn’t. The Viking Raiders wiped out Gallows and Anderson with suicide dives. Styles was left with Strowman, who blasted him with a stiff right hand, leaving him seeing stars.


3. Chad Gable Delivers A Show-Stealing Performance

If someone told me a month ago that Chad Gable and King Corbin would have insane in-ring chemistry, I would have laughed in their face. In the finals of the King of the Ring Tournament, Gable delivered one hell of a performance against Corbin, taking the now-king to the absolute limit. Over the last few weeks the two competitors have been killing it on Raw and SmackDown Live, putting on great matches in the process.

Gable came out of the gate firing on all cylinders, dropping Corbin with a rolling heel hook followed by the Ankle Lock, almost forcing the king to tap-out. Corbin regained control and utilized his power moves and hard punches to best his rival. Gable kept fighting valiantly using his quick speed and aerial attacks to chop down Corbin.

The ending of the match saw Corbin execute a nasty-looking chokeslam on the ring apron. Corbin threw Gable back into the ring and then teased using his sceptre as a weapon, reminiscent to the September 23rd episode of Raw, and the distraction enabled Gable to roll-up the king for the shock win.


2. The Next Step In The Bayley Heel Turn

This was a difficult choice to make because I believe Luke Harper and Erick Rowan’s obliteration of Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan for ¾ of their match is deserving of this as well. Typically I wouldn’t list someone losing their championship as a positive thing, but in this case, it is.

Bayley was defending her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair. The overconfident champ attempted to mimic her challenger’s moves while methodically attacking Flair’s leg for the majority of the match. Bayley even had the gall to lock in a Figure-four Leglock on Flair but the challenger escaped.

Bayley was portraying a much more aggressive side to her personality while also using underhanded tactics to gain the upper hand. In the end, The Queen locked in the Figure-Eight and walked away with her tenth Women’s Championship.

The post-match meltdown is what the WWE Universe will be talking about in the coming weeks. Bayley continues to portray more heel characteristics and I’m actually shocked that she didn’t find a way to help her best friend Sasha Banks win the Raw Women’s Championship earlier in the show. With the 2019 Draft coming this week it’s perfect timing for Bayley to drop the title so that she can join forces with Banks on Raw.


1. The Man And The Boss Steal The Show

Where do I even begin with how amazing this Hell in a Cell match was. Throughout the years I’ve heard complaints about how with a PG rating you can’t really have an exciting Hell in a Cell match. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks changed that sentiment. Before the cell could be fully lowered Banks blasted Lynch with a stiff right hand and took the action outside.

Banks finally entered the cell and Lynch slammed the door into her face. As the match continued the level of sadistic torture was raised significantly. Both competitors whipped each other from pillar to post. Lynch hit an Exploder straight into the cell, Banks hit a Meteora onto Lynch through a ladder. Both competitors turned Hell in a Cell into their own personal toy store pulling out chairs, kendo sticks, ladders and even tables.

The ending saw Banks throwing a dozen chairs into the ring and Lynch delivered a huge top-rope exploder onto them. She followed up with the Dis-Arm-Her and Banks had no choice but to tap out.

Both Lynch and Banks have raised the bar for all future Hell in a Cell matches going forward. I can promise you that this heated rivalry is far from over and the WWE Universe will not be disappointed.

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