2D Hack-And-Slasher Demon Skin Coming To PC This April

A console release is also coming.

Demon Skin

Buka Entertainment and Ludus Future have announced that their 2D hack-and-slasher Demon Skin will be launching on PC via Steam on April 13th, with a release on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch scheduled for later on in the year. To celebrate the news, check out the trailer at the top of the page.


What’s Demon Skin All About?

In Demon Skin, you’ll play as a Wanderer, a skilled combatant and adventurer who’s able to master a variety of weapon types. You’ll explore deadly worlds, finding ways to dodge, parry and overcome dozens of enemy types, which include skeletons, zombies, spiders, werewolves, lizards, and golems.

Fortunately, you’ll also have access to over 30 weapon types to slay these foes, with certain types of weapon being stronger against certain enemy types. With parrying, combos and even stances to learn, Demon Skin looks like it could be a truly complex and rewarding game to master.

While the game looks interesting, what seems even more interesting is the story of how the game was created. The press release talk about project lead Denis Listov, who conceived the idea for Demon Skin in 2014. With no development experience, Denis learnt programming, visual design and animation in his free time, overcoming various obstacles to eventually reach a state where he could finally launch the full game.

In the press release, Denis had this to say about his game finally being released: “Everyone told me that if I want to do something right, I have to learn how to do it by myself. That to create a game I’d have to master programming, animation and other stuff as well. Not to mention other development tasks that needed to be done. Sure, I could have started with something less complicated, but this game was the only thing I could think about!”

Hopefully, Demon Skin will be worth all of that hard work when it launches on April 13th.

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