25 First-Party Titles In Development For The PS5, Half Are New IPs

According to Herman Hulst when speaking to Wired.


PlayStation’s Herman Hulst has recently conducted an interview with Wired, in which he revealed that there’s over two dozen new first-party games in development for the PS5, meaning those who have been lucky enough to actually get hold of the console will have plenty of games to look forward to in the future.


Which First Party Games Are In Development?

Herman doesn’t go into specifics about which games are in development, but some of them will include already announced games like the partnerships with Firewalk and Haven, along with the various games in development at the various Sony Interactive Entertainment Studios. These games will also range from the AAA games to smaller, more indie-focused experiences. Most of these games are also likely years off.

One such studio that was confirmed to be working on a new title is Ember Labs, the developers behind the upcoming Kena: Bridge of Spirits which is set to launch this August. Josh Grier, COO at Ember Labs, confirmed in the article that they’re working on a new game that’ll take full advantage of the PS5.


Any News About Already Announced Games?

One of the games mentioned in the article is Horizon: Forbidden West, which is set to launch on PS4 and PS5 later this year, specifically due to the DualSense features the PS5 version will support. Guerrilla studio director Angie Smets states that the haptic feedback in the controller will allow you to feel the sensation of walking through tall grass, adding to the immersion.

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