12 Best New Trailers From E3 2018

E3 trailers 2018

With E3 2018 in the bag, at least from a conference perspective, we’ve seen an ungodly amount of trailers. Some were superb glimpses at new upcoming games, others were Kingdom Hearts 3 failing to have proper audio twice.

With a one-way ticket on the hype train at hand, we’ve ranked the best trailers from this year’s E3. Any we missed? Let us know. Or are you even reading this and already watching them? Comment if you actually read this, you diligent devil, you.


12. Sea of Solitude

Probably the most “low-key” trailer on this list, Sea of Solitude offered a simple glimpse at its wonderfully simple premise. When a young girl is turned into a monster, she must lean on others for help to turn back. Look for this EA Original, which means EA don’t get a cut of the money so don’t boycott it, in early 2019.


11. Gears of War 5

New Gears, new enemies, new protagonist. Judging from the first glimpse at Gears of War 5, it won’t be a huge departure from its past incarnations, but does it really have to be. No release date for this one, though you can expect it in 2019.


10. Anthem

We aren’t at all sold on Anthem as a game, but this was still an effective trailer that showed off its world and lore with some lashings of Muse for good measure. Could have quite happily just included the AR intro instead, though. Anthem launches February 22nd, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


9. We Happy Few

Not necessarily the most spectacular or technically impressive trailer at E3 2018, but We Happy Few’s exhibition showed just far the game has come from a plucky and unpolished Early Access title with an interesting story to match. We Happy Few launches on August 10, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


8. Ghost of Tsushima

Enhanced tenfold with the flute intro, Ghost of Tsushima’s gameplay trailer at E3 2018 showed a far more complete than many of us were expecting. It looks bloody gorgeous as well, so Kurosawa fans will no doubt fall in love with this samurai yarn. No release for the PS4 exclusive just yet.


7. Halo Infinite

Sparse and beautiful, the Halo Infinite did exactly what it needed to do by making people raise their eyebrows. Nobody really knows what Infinite will be like, but signs point towards it not being the same Halo that has propped Xbox up over the years. No release date for this one.


6. DOOM Eternal

As soon as Mick Gordon’s soundtrack kicked in, goosebumps were had. The return of Doomguy also brings Hell to Earth in DOOM Eternal, and if it also brings even more chaos and bloodshed, it will already have sold us. More will be revealed about DOOM Eternal at QuakeCon, but we assume demons will be killed.


5. My Friend Pedro

In the midst of all of the nonsense going on at Devolver’s E3 conference, they showed off My Friend Pedro: a shooter for PC and Switch that looks majestically violent. Featuring balletic murder, a grand soundtrack, and one malevolent fruit, you don’t need a talking banana to tell you that My Friend Pedro is one to watch out for when it lands early next year.


4. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Shrouded in mystery since it was announced, the Resident Evil 2 remake had its first proper unveiling at Sony’s E3 conference and it looks like every inch like the modern update to the classic. The zombies look great, the gameplay seems to be an interesting blend of old and new, and it’s clear that a lot of resources are being allocated to making this thing do the original justice. Launches on January 25th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


3. The Last of Us: Part II

From a “filmmaking” point of view, the trailer for TLOU 2 at E3 2018 was nothing short of impressive. Almost seamlessly transitioning from serenity to insanity, it opened up the sequel’s story and also showed some long-awaited gameplay. Shame about the distinct lack of Joel again, though. No release date for this one.


2. All of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

All of it. “Everyone is here”, the Ridley reveal, the release date; all of it. I am not even a huge Smash fan and I was swept up in all the madness revealed during the presentation. Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on Switch on December 7th, 2018.


1. Cyberpunk 2077

Night City is alive, no matter what time it is. The Cyberpunk 2077 presentation during Xbox’s conference was a huge suprise with a brilliant intro and the trailer itself did a fantastic job of establishing its aesthetic and ramping the hype all the way up. We’ll find out more soon, including a release date, but for now this trailer certainly whets the appetite after years of waiting.

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