10 Amazing Concert Souvenirs Better Than a Bag of Air

You’ve probably heard that air from Kanye West concerts is a hot commodity these days (and not just because Kanye is often full of hot air). One such product was rumored to sell for over $60,000 on eBay, although closer inspection suggests the auction was canceled rather than completed. Either way, it doesn’t matter. It’s a crappy souvenir. If you really want a piece of musical history, you need to try to grab one of these concert souvenirs instead:


1. A stool sample from the birds that drove Kings of Leon off a St. Louis stage in 2010.

Kings of Leon Gig Souvenir

Note: This sample has not been tested for avian flu.


2. A bottle filled with sticky white substance shot into the crowd at a Gwar show in Chicago. Contents of bottle not determined.

Gwar Gig Souvenir

It could be mayo, it could be a bodily fluid.


3. A “God Hates Fags” sign stolen from a group of Westboro Baptist protesters outside of a Radiohead concert in New York.

Westboro Souvenir

This is as close to mint condition as you can get without joining the Westboro Church and making your own.


4. A roll of nickels that hit Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger in the face at a club gig in New Orleans.

Nickelback souvenir

I haven’t counted all the nickels, but I’m sure it’s a full roll.


5. One of Slash’s fingernails from an epic Guns ‘n’ Roses show in Tokyo circa 1992.

Slash gig souvenir

This was stuck to a pick, but the pick has since been lost.

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