Xbox Series X | S: How To Check Storage Space

Check your SSD before you wreck your SSD.

NameXbox Series X | S
Release DateNovember 10th
Price$499/£449 (X) | $299/£249 (S)
Backwards CompatXbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox

As we’ve mentioned in a previous guide, managing the storage space on your SSD is incredibly important. With only around 800GB on your Xbox Series X, or around 350GB for the Xbox Series S, ensuring you still have enough space to play is paramount if you want to enjoy your next-gen titles. Here’s how you can effectively manage your storage space on the Xbox Series X | S.


How Do You Manage Your Storage Space On Xbox Series X | S?

To see how much space you have to play with, you simply need to do the following.

– Open up the My Games & Apps menu from the Home screen. There, you’ll see the total amount of space that’s free in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. However, that total is, by default, a sum figure from your total storage space, so if you have external storage, that’ll be included. You can use the filter drop down from the Games menu to show only one storage option at a time, however.

– There is another option too. If you go into the Manage menu and select Storage Devices, you can see each individual storage option you have. From here, you can check what’s installed on each storage space individually, move and copy games over and select where the default download location is. You can also choose an option for game capture too, meaning you can offload them to an external solution if your internal SSD is becoming flooding with your amazing headshot montages.

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