Why WWE Booked Monday Night Raw The Way They Did‭ ‬-‭ ‬12/06/17

Once again, Adi George has gotten hold of a mysterious memo from the WWE Raw Creative team. This one's written in comic sans, which is at least an improvement on crayon.


Why Noam Dar,‭ ‬Gallows‭ & ‬Anderson advertised Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Bites

Simple.‭ ‬WWE is a business and product placement is one way to raise money.‭ ‬None of these three are in particularly high-profile angles right now,‭ ‬so what better way to get them on TV whilst also bringing in some cash.


Why R-Truth and Goldust continue to build their feud only through vignettes


What WWE is trying to do here is create a one-match feud that feels big.‭ ‬What better way to do so than to keep the two men separated until they get their chance to fight‭? ‬These vignettes are well-made,‭ ‬entertaining and thematically consistent week-to-week.


Why Alicia Fox cost Noam Dar his match with Cedric Alexander

This was a bit of comedy to keep the show varied and engaging.‭ ‬WWE is playing right in to the crazy-significant-other trope,‭ ‬which is relatable to most of the WWE Universe.‭ ‬Noam can survive this embarrassment as he has an excuse for losing,‭ ‬plus when the time comes he can put on a classic with any of the roster.


Why the Titus Brand had a good night

This makes so much sense for so many reasons.‭ ‬Apollo Crews is now firmly on board with the Titus Brand.‭ ‬Akira Tozawa now has something to do and will be placed more prominently in the show going forward.‭ ‬Kalisto continues to play the adversary of the Titus Brand and the overall story,‭ ‬of the Titus Brand slowly getting stronger,‭ ‬continues.‭ ‬If booked right going forward this could be a very satisfying,‭ ‬slow-build storyline which could culminate in a title reign for somebody.‭ ‬Next steps should be to move on to a different adversary.

Why Bayley had that sit-down interview with Corey Graves

This helps both Bayley and Corey.‭ ‬First of all,‭ ‬by asking the questions the entire WWE Universe had about her,‭ ‬Corey cements his connection to the fans and this will augment the impact of his involvement in Kurt Angle’s controversy storyline.‭ ‬For Bayley,‭ ‬WWE is really looking to lean into the storm surrounding Bayley’s refusal to get extreme.‭ ‬The plan effectively is to make her the WWE PG version of Batman,‭ ‬getting the job done without killing even though everyone else is willing to do so.‭ ‬The principled protagonist,‭ ‬despite the fact their principles set them at a disadvantage,‭ ‬can‭ (‬if booked correctly going forward‭) ‬make a compelling story.


Why Big Show continues his involvement with Enzo‭ & ‬Cass

Big Show is a side-character in the overall story of Enzo‭ & ‬Cass‭’s ‬breakup.‭ ‬It makes perfect sense to use him to continue to drive a wedge between the two tag team partners.‭

Furthermore,‭ ‬the parallels between Big Show and Big Cass are clear and striking,‭ ‬making Big Show the perfect choice for this role in this story.

Why Elias Sampson beat Dean Ambrose

Easy.‭ ‬The Miz costs Dean the win,‭ ‬so their feud is continued,‭ ‬whilst Elias Sampson gets the win over a bona fide superstar.

Why most of the Women’s Division had that tag team match

Having concluded her feud with Bayley,‭ ‬Alexa needs a new opponent to have a long-term feud with.‭ ‬The WWE Universe is well aware of this fact and so what better way to book the women than to present the Universe with all five possible choices before narrowing in on the one selected.


Why Neville brutalised Rich Swann

Simple.‭ ‬Neville looks like a badass.‭ ‬His subsequent promo sets up Akira Tozawa nicely.


Why Dean Ambrose dressed up as a Bear

The one compass by which Dean Ambrose’s feud with The Miz is being booked is‭ “‬What would cause The Miz conflict with Maryse‭?”‬.‭ ‬We have yet to see the happy couple not on the same page and so now this feud feels fresh and exciting.‭ ‬Why a bear costume‭? ‬Continuity from last week and ensuring that the WWE Universe sees that Dean’s feud with The Miz is both physical and psychological.


Why Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt are on a collision course

Both guys are capable of cutting great promos and should put on excellent matches together.‭ ‬Going forward,‭ ‬this story can take both guys to new places and greater heights.


Why Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar brawled‭

This one is simple.‭ ‬Samoa Joe looks like a fearless badass and Brock Lesnar reminds everyone he is not to be messed with.‭ ‬Having the whole locker room empty to separate them makes both guys look like absolute monsters.


Why the Hardy Boys and Sheamus‭ & ‬Cesaro fought to a draw

Sheamus‭ & ‬Cesaro should not lose the titles any time soon if they are to look legitimate.‭ ‬The Hardys are currently their best competition and so a‭ ‬2-out-of-3‭ ‬falls match is a fresh,‭ ‬underutilised tool to further this story.


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