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WWE Announce Plans to Squash WCPW and World of Sport in UK

WWE are once again pulling a Galactus by destroying any competition that comes their way with the announcement of the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Seeking to make a move on the burgeoning wrestling scene in the UK, WWE are teaming up with Rev Pro, PROGRESS and ICW in the UK and OTT in Ireland to put on a wrestling tournament to be held to decide the first title holder.

Triple H was on hand during a presentation to talk up the prospect of WWE working more closely with UK talent:

“There’s no reason why it can’t be as big as Raw, Smackdown or NXT.”

This comes as a blow to basically any brand not mentioned in the list above, which means that WhatCulture’s WCPW and ITV’s yet to be properly unveiled World of Sport might be in the firing line. Don’t let the claims of celebrating British talent fool you, this is another attempt by WWE to monopolise the market everywhere they can.

Here’s the full list of talent taking part: Sam Gradwell, Wolfgang, James Drake, Tucker, Joseph Conners, Tyson T Bone, Roy Johnson, HC Dyer, Dan Moloney, Jack Starz, Tiger Ali, Ringo Ryan, Saxon Huxley & Chris Tyler.

WWE United Kingdom Championship

That belt does look pretty beautiful, though. Oh, Michael Cole will be commentating during the tournament? I wash my hands of this.

The two-night tournament will take place from January 14th to the 15th and, of course, will be available on the WWE Network.

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