Will Cristiano Ronaldo Be At WWE Crown Jewel?

Yes, the Ronaldo.

Football megastar Cristiano Ronaldo is rumoured to be making a huge appearance at WWE’s next pay-per-view event, Crown Jewel. No stranger to legendary cameos, Crown Jewel’s history of throwing money at celebrities from all corners of the entertainment industry continues. However, there is some debate as to whether or not Ronaldo can indeed make the big show in the Kingdom.

Reports state that if Ronaldo was to show up at Crown Jewel, even if just as a brief appearance in the crowd, he would be raking in between 40 and 50 million dollars. But the issue with him potentially turning this offer down is due to he and his team competing against Al-Khaleej that very same day in a King of Champions tournament match. Even though these two events are set for different times, it would be a big ask for him to book it to Mohammad Abdu arena straight after his game for the sake of a quick photo op.

Sources have also stated that no footballer is pencilled in to be on the show, unless they are wanting to keep Ronaldo very much under wraps, this pretty much kills the rumour dead.

To make up for this lack of star power, instead the fans in Saudi will have to make do with John Cena, Roman Reigns and LA Knight instead. I’m sure they’ll get over not seeing Cristiano this time.

Crown Jewel takes place on Saturday, November 4th with a huge line-up and more to be confirmed.

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