Where To Watch Office Space

Office Space
Office Space

Director: Mike Judge
Release Year: 1999

Pretty much every last one of us dreams of quitting our job. Most of us take that dream a few steps further, as we imagine getting back at an abusive boss, telling that most annoying coworker to go to hell, and perhaps even changing the current course of your destiny itself. Reality makes this difficult. Perhaps that is why the 1999 cult classic comedy Office Space continues to appeal to viewers. Even after 20+ years, it’s still a blistering satire of work and corporate life. Here is where you can watch Office Space in the UK and US.


Office Space Synopsis

“So, that means every single day that you see me, that’s on the worst day of my life.”

A miserable corporate peon named Peter (Ron Livingston) struggles to even imagine how he can continue in his current path. His job at a software company sucks on every possible level. His girlfriend hates and cheats on him. To say that Peter is in a rut would be an understatement. Fortunately, a hypnosis session that ends with the sudden death of the therapist leaves him in a state of realizing that he just doesn’t have to give a damn anymore.

In this new, blissful state, Peter refuses to work overtime, bonds with his strange neighbor (Diedrich Bader), and asks out the girl he’s been interested in for quite some time (Jennifer Aniston). He even concocts a plan to quietly rip off his company for thousands. Things don’t go quite according to his ambitions, leading to a desperate bid by Peter and his friends to put the money back before it’s too late.


Watch Office Space In The UK

Office Space is available to stream in the UK through a subscription to Disney+, as well to rent digitally from various sources. Those who wish to purchase a physical copy of the game can do so through Amazon, HMV and other retailers.


Watch Office Space In The US

Office Space is available to stream in the US to rent from a variety of sources, including Apple TV and Amazon. Those who wish to purchase a physical copy of the game can do so through Amazon and other retailers.


Office Space Trailer

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