Where To Watch Mystery Men

Anyone can be a superhero.

Mystery Men
Mystery Men

Director: Kinka Usher
Release Year: 1999

Other superhero movies have made the claim that anyone anywhere can be a superhero. Very few films actually put the theory into practice, but the results generally seem to suggest that this work is best left to the fictional professionals. Mystery Men is a cult classic 1999 comedy that shows us what happens when the professionals have been eliminated to some degree. Mystery Men never stops being fun with its clever script, attention to genre conventions where it counts, and a varied ensemble of comedy heavyweights. Here is where you can watch and stream Mystery Men in the US and UK.


Mystery Men Synopsis

“We’ve got a blind date with destiny… and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.”

Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear) is the superhero protector of Champion City, defending it against the likes of Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush). However, when Captain Amazing is suddenly kidnapped by Frankenstein, the needs of the city suddenly fall to a group of outcasts who fancy themselves to be heroes. Unfortunately, with a group that includes a man who simply gets very mad (Ben Stiller), a guy with a shovel (William H. Macy), or a woman with a haunted bowling ball (Janeane Garofalo), they don’t seem to be up to the task.

However, this is from no lack of trying. Drawing from an exceptionally determined group of wannabes and allies, this team proves to be the best hope for humanity. You’re going to root for these unorthodox superheroes every step of the way, while enjoying a movie that is essentially a combination of Tim Burton’s Batman with the classic underdog comedy story.


Watch Mystery Men In The UK

Mystery Men is not available to stream for free or via subscription in the UK, but you can rent the film from services such as Amazon and Google Play. You can also purchase the movie on Blu-Ray from Amazon, HMV and other retailers.


Watch Mystery Men In The US

Mystery Men is available to watch in the US through a subscription directly to Starz, or through subscriptions to the Amazon or Roku Channel versions of the service. It is also available to stream to those with access to Spectrum on Demand. Those who wish to purchase the film on Blu-ray can do so through Amazon and other retailers.


Mystery Men Trailer

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