Where to Watch John Woo’s Silent Night Online

Silent Night
Silent Night

There’s a lot about Silent Night to get excited about. The main reason arguably is that the December 1st 2023 release date (December 23rd for UK audiences) will mark the return of John Woo to American filmmaking. The Hong Kong action filmmaking legend has not released a US feature in 20 full years, with 2003’s Paycheck being the last one, and some consider Silent Night to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2023. The film’s premise of a father seeking vengeance for his dead son on Christmas Eve (Joel Kinnaman) has the added element of featuring very little dialog.

If you’re hoping to wait for the movie’s digital release, expect to rent or buy Silent Night in early 2024. We can make a few assumptions for digital VOD, physical media, and more.


Where and When to Rent Silent Night Online

Lionsgate has kept a busy pace in 2023 with new Saw and Hunger Games entries, and Silent Night is to be their last theatrical release for the year. While not as big a release as some of their other movies, Silent Night is nevertheless getting some pretty elaborate treatment with a widespread release. It’s safe to assume Silent Night from director John Woo and screenwriter Robert Archer Lynn is going to stay in theaters for at least 2-3 weeks. Let’s say around a month, as that’s been roughly the theatrical window for Lionsgate at time of writing. By February 2024 you should be able to rent or buy this movie on Amazon, Google, YouTube, or elsewhere.


Where and When to Stream Silent Night Online

We know exactly where Silent Night is going to wind up streaming, and it’s a two-part answer. The first part concerns Lionsgate’s current deal with Starz, which gives the premium entertainment subscription service exclusivity with major releases from the studio. This deal is likely to end next year, but Silent Night will no doubt still be there by early spring 2024. The second part is that Silent Night will eventually be on the free streaming service Roku Channel by the end of 2024. This is due to a deal between Lionsgate and Roku Channel for non-exclusive access to their library once the Starz run has ended.


Will Silent Night Come to Blu-ray and DVD?

No one can say for sure if Silent Night will get a physical media release. Given the older audience for John Woo movies, with such releases often getting physical releases for the large market that still exists for such things, it’s quite possible. Lionsgate is still embracing physical media to a certain degree.


About Silent Night

Silent Night is certain to offer plenty of action, along with its straightforward premise presented through the unique eyes of director John Woo. If you’re a fan of his works, the odds are good that you’ll have a lot of fun with everything Silent Night has to offer, including a narrative told primarily through visuals and music. Two things Woo has utilized to stunning results in his long, largely brilliant career. Action fans in general may not want to sleep on this one.

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