(VIDEO) 10 Biggest New Horror Games of 2019 Still To Come

That Atomic Heart looks nutty.


With us now six months into 2019, what are some of the horror games we have to still look forward to? Even though Days Gone and Resident Evil 2 have already released, there are still plenty of new horror games to look forward to.

While this list contains games like Man of Medan and Blair Witch with concrete release dates, a lot of the horror titles don’t have release dates listed beyond just “2019”.

The games:

00:00 – The Sinking City – PC, PS4, XB1, NS horror game
03:00 – Man of Medan – PC, XB1, NS horror game
04:30 – Blair Witch – PC, XB1 horror game
06:20 – Daymare: 1998 – PC, PS4, XB1 horror game
07:08 – Chernobylite – PC horror game
09:00 – The Blackout Club – PC horror game
10:06 – Visage – PC horror game
12:11 – Someday You’ll Return – PC horror game
13:29 – World of Horror – PC, PS4, Switch horror game
14:13 – Atomic Heart – PC horror game

What are you looking forward to most?

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