Vanquish PS4 Trophies: Difficulty & Time To Platinum

Good lord is it going to take some effort to vanquish these trophies.


One of the most underrated games of all time is finally coming to the PS4 as part of a 10-year celebration alongside Bayonetta. A third-person shooter with a tonne of style and sliding, Vanquish’s PS4 trophies offer plenty of challenge for those wanting the Platinum from, erm, Platinum.

Vanquish is going to take you some sweet time to dust off for full completion, it asking you to not only complete the game, but also to complete it without dying — not even once. Throw some fiendishly difficult bronze trophies into the max and you have a game that’s going to make you work for your Platinum. It’s also identical to the PS3 trophy list, so Vanquish vets know what they’re in for.

Here are those Vanquish PS4 trophies in full. Mild spoilers follow.


Vanquish PS4 Trophies

vanquish game
Vanquish game
PlatinumEarn all available trophies in VanquishPlatinum
One Day at DARPAComplete all DARPA training exercisesBronze
Space NormandyComplete Act 1Bronze
Storming Grand HillComplete Act 2Bronze
I Don't Speak Kreon!Complete Act 3Bronze
My WayComplete Act 4.Bronze
End to Major Combat OperationsComplete Act 5.Bronze
SurvivorComplete all Acts.Silver
Operation Overlord IIComplete Act 1 on Hard difficulty or above.Bronze
Ain't Life Grand?Complete Act 2 on Hard difficulty or above.Bronze
Cry on, KreonComplete Act 3 on Hard difficulty or above.Bronze
The High WayComplete Act 4 on Hard difficulty or above.Bronze
Mission AccomplishedComplete Act 5 on Hard difficulty or above.Bronze
ARS OperatorComplete all Acts on hard difficulty or above.Gold
Gun RunnerScan and acquire all weapons.Bronze
King of the HillLevel a weapon up to maximum operational capability.Bronze
Fight or FlightManually trigger AR Mode and destroy an enemy robot.Bronze
Adrenaline RushManually trigger AR Mode and destroy three enemy robots in a row.Bronze
Going in for the KillDestroy ten enemy robots with melee attacks.Bronze
A Heartbreaker and LifetakerDestroy 100 enemy robots with melee attacks.Silver
Helloooo, NurseRevive a friendly troop.Bronze
Knight in Shining White ArmorRevive 20 friendly troops.Bronze
Death WishDestroy three enemy robots while in damage-triggered AR Mode.Bronze
40 Yard DashMaintain a Boost dash to the limit of the ARS reactor without overheating.Bronze
Home RunDestroy an incoming missile or grenade.Bronze
Home Run GodDestroy ten incoming missiles or grenades.Bronze
Brutality BonusDestroy a Romanov's arms and legs, then finish it with a melee attack.Bronze
Romanov This!Destroy a Romanov with a melee attack.Bronze
The Hand of GodDestroy two Romanovs in a row using only melee attacks.Silver
Robots Tend to Blow UpDestroy three enemy robots at once with one hand grenade.Bronze
Hole-in-OneDestroy a Chicane with a hand grenade.Bronze
Short CircuitDestroy ten enemy robots that have been disabled with an EMP emitter.Bronze
Two Birds with One StoneDestroy two or more enemy robots at once with the LFE gun.Bronze
Trick ShotDestroy three enemy robots at once with rocket launcher splash damage.Bronze
Flash! King of the ImpossibleDestroy four enemies simultaneously with the Lock-on Laser.Bronze
Piece by PieceDestroy the arms, head, and back of an KNRB-0 Argus robot.Bronze
That Ended Up Working NicelyAfter taking control of the enemy transport in Act 2-2, do not let a single enemy escape.Bronze
Failure Breeds SuccessDestroy two Argus robots in Act 2-3 while they are in bipedal mode.Bronze
Leibniz Defense AgencyDefend the Pangloss statue in Act 3-2.Bronze
Tightrope WalkerDestroy two cannons in Act 3-3 and complete the mission.Bronze
Fisher is the Other SamProceed on the monorail in Act 3-4 without being spotted by the enemy troops or searchlights.Bronze
FlyswatterDestroy all the floating turrets in Act 3-4.Bronze
GuardianDo not allow any friendly armor to be destroyed during Act 3-5.Bronze
Hurry the #@$% Up!Destroy five or more enemy transports from atop the Kreon in Act 3-7.Bronze
Civil DisobedienceIgnore the elevator start order in Act 4-1. Instead, hold position and destroy all reinforcements.Bronze
Buzzard BeaterDestroy the Buzzard without allowing it to reach ground level in Act 5-1.Bronze
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!Destroy 10 enemies distracted by cigarettes during one mission.Bronze
Auld Land SyneDestroy two enemy robots who have been distracted by a cigarette.Bronze
The Best of All Possible WorldsFind and fire open all of the Pangloss statues hidden on the colony.Silver
Living LegendComplete the game without dying, regardless of difficulty level.Gold
Tactical ChallengerComplete all of the Tactical Challenges in VANQUISH.Gold

Number of trophies: 51
Platinum difficulty: 9/10
Time to Platinum: 30 hours

Vanquish is out February 18th for PS4 alongside Bayonetta. It was previously available on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

From our Bayonetta and Vanquish review:

“The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle combines two utterly fantastic games into one affordable package. If you haven’t played either game, this is your chance to fix that.”

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