Untitled Goose Game Creator Hopes To Bring Game To PS4 & Xbox One

[Excited honking intensifies]

Untitled Goose Game

House House, developers of the recent smash hit indie release Untitled Goose Game, have stated in an interview that they would love to release their latest game on Xbox One and PC. Currently, Untitled Goose Game is available on PC and Nintendo Switch, with the Switch release leading to the game reaching number 1 on the eShop charts in the UK, Australia, the United States and more. Exact sales figures aren’t known, but the team confirm that Untitled Goose Game has received over 100,000 downloads.

In the interview with ABC News, the article states that the team at House House “hopes the Untitled Goose Game will be rolled out onto the Playstation and Xbox platforms where it could reach a wider audience”. Once those releases are finalised, the developers will then move on to their next project. Personally, I’m hoping for Untitled Moose Game.

A separate interview with Gamesindustry.biz revealed the reasoning behind launching the game on the Switch, as developers Jacob Strasser and Michael McMaster state that the decision was less of a business decision and more of a philosophical one.

Strasser states that: “[The Switch] is a nice, cute little console that fits our game well. From a business perspective, PlayStation and Xbox seem like a less good place to be an indie at the moment. The Switch has a lot more people looking for indie games on it.” McMaster also adds: “But ultimately, it was just that the Switch is nice and the game is nice and we hope those two things combined can share that warmth or coziness.”

The launch of Untitled Goose Game on PS4 and Xbox One is likely to be just as successful as the Nintendo Switch and PC releases, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see that goshdarned goose show up on other platforms in the near future. Have you been playing the Untitled Goose Game? Sound off, or just honk as loudly as possible, in the comments.

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