Unaired Adam West “Powerless” Episode Online For Limited Time

RIP, chum.

The official DC Entertainment YouTube channel has just uploaded the entirety of an unaired episode of cancelled show Powerless, in a tribute to Adam West, who features in the episode and who sadly passed away on the 9th of June, aged 88. You can watch the uploaded video above.

DC uploaded the episode with the following comments:

Adam West, Batman to a generation of TV fans, passed away last week. One of his final roles was a fittingly comic guest role on NBC’s Powerless in an episode which never made it to air. DC All Access is proud to present this episode in its entirety for a limited time as a tribute to West and his DC legacy.

His spot in Powerless was one of West’s final roles, where he plays the chairman of Wayne Industries, Dean West. He is of course perhaps best known for his role of the caped crusader himself in the 1960s Batman TV series, which ran from 1966-1968.

The episode will apparently only be available to view for a limited time, so watch it above as soon as you can to avoid missing out on this free episode of Powerless.

Since his tragic passing, tributes have been pouring in worldwide for Adam West, and the Bat-Signal was even projected onto Los Angeles’ City Hall in commemoration of the well-respected and much-loved actor:

What do you think about Powerless’ cancellation, and DC’s decision to upload the unaired episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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