It Sure Sounds Like Troy Baker Voices Jason in GTA 6

Jason GTA 6
Jason GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally a real thing that really exists and is really going head-to-head with BTS. While not much yet is (officially) known about its protagonists, with previous leaks telling us that they’re a couple known as Jason and Lucia, that hasn’t stopped people speculating from what little we’ve seen in them. So far, we’ve only heard a single word from Jason, but it’s not hard to think that that word comes from the most famous male video game actor ever: Troy Baker.

Perhaps best known for portraying Joel Miller in The Last of Us, Baker also has starring roles in Death Stranding, Uncharted 4, Far Cry 4, and Fortnite, to name but a few of his seemingly endless video game acting credits. He’s not worked on anything from Rockstar just yet, but that might be about to change based on a single word uttered by Jason in the GTA 6 reveal trailer: “trust.”

Obviously less than one total second of voiceover work makes it hard to give a definitive answer on whether or not this is actually Troy Baker, but there’s definitely a touch of Texan (Baker’s home state and also Joel Miller’s) in the twang.

Here’s a little bit of Baker’s work as Joel in The Last of Us for comparison:

Nothing has been confirmed yet and probably won’t be for a long time, as Rockstar tend to not announce the voice cast until something is about to release, and they often have big gaps between trailers and info dumps. We never heard anything about the Red Dead Redemption 2 cast until it was pretty much launching, and also launched Roger Clark into the video game hall of fame for his turn as Arthur Morgan.

Speaking of Roger Clark, he recently starred in Fort Solis alongside, you guessed it, Troy Baker. Clark probably didn’t need to put in a good work for Baker, who you imagine probably doesn’t have to audition much these days, but it’s nice to imagine there’s a connection. You’d also be hoping that they bring back Clark for Grand Theft Auto 6 in some capacity, as Clark has bizarrely had few high-profile gigs since putting in an all-timer performance which saw him win best performance at The Game Awards 2018.

It’s gonna be a while before we have a definitive answer on whether or not Troy Baker is actually in GTA 6 or not, as Grand Theft Auto 6 doesn’t release until 2025. Let the endless speculation commence.

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