Will Travis Scott’s Skin Return To The Fortnite Item Shop?

Great Scott, stop asking.

Fortnite Travis
Fortnite Travis Scott

Fortnite fans tend to let it be known when they want something, whether that’s for some gameplay mechanic to change or for something to return. For almost an entire year, fans have been asking the question: will Travis Scott ever return to the Fortnite Item Shop?

Released to coincide with his in-game concert, itself one of the biggest gaming events of 2020, the Travis Scott skin in Fortnite, which comes with two different styles, is in constantly high demand. Travis Scott has only ever been in the Item Shop for one period of time: April 22nd, 2020 to April 27th, 2020 and hasn’t been seen since, but that doesn’t mean that he never will.

Here’s everything you ought to know about Travis Scott returning to Fortnite, including when it might be and how many V-Bucks it will cost.


Why Do People Want Travis Scott To Return So Much?

Fortnite Travis Scott
Fortnite Travis Scott

As already mentioned, Travis Scott has the perception of being a bit of a rare skin in Fortnite, as he was only available for a limited time and hasn’t rotated back in at any point. Compared to Brite Bomber, who’s been in the Item Shop a whopping 63 times, the Travis Scott skin is in a lot less lockers.

There’s also the fact that Travis Scott himself is one of the biggest musicians and celebrities in the world. On Instagram alone, he has 38.9 million followers at this time of writing, which is considerably more than Fortnite itself. While Fortnite may have collaborated with the likes of DC and Marvel, even those giant brands struggle to match the social reach of Travis Scott.

It was also a really big deal when Travis hosted an in-game concert called Astronomical, starting on April 23rd. With 10+ million viewers over the course of its run, people want to relive a little moment of Fortnite history by getting the skin.

There’s also the fact that a lot of content creators use the skin and their fans like to emulate them, not to mention that it’s one of only a handful of male skins that are slender and don’t distract you too much from the action.


Will The Travis Scott Skin Return To Fortnite?

There has never been any mention of Travis Scott being a limited skin that will only ever release over the course of Astronomical, so there’s more than a good chance that the skin will indeed return at some point in the future.

As for when, well, it won’t be for a long while yet, or at least until a new update. As of April 23rd, 2021, Travis Scott’s Item Shop tabs were removed, meaning that he cannot currently be sold in the current version of Fortnite. All items need to have tabs to be sold in the Item Shop, and the fact that Travis Scott no longer has any says that he can’t return until something changes.

So why has this happened? Well, it’s either one of two things: either Epic Games are trying to drum up expectation for a surprise re-release, or they’re working on a new deal with Travis to re-release, or maybe even some new collaboration entirely. Either that, or it was all just a mistake.

Despite the complete radio silence and them always missing anniversaries that’d make perfect sense for the skin to return on, Travis Scott is almost certain to return to Fortnite one way or another.


Travis Scott Fortnite Price

Travis Scott was initially released in Fortnite’s Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks or with the Astronomical Bundle for 2,500 V-Bucks, which also included the Astro Jack skin, itself featuring two different styles.

When Travis Scott returns to Fortnite, the skin will cost the same amount, but the bundle price will vary depending on whether or not you already own cosmetics within the set. The Astronomical challenges won’t be returning, though, so there’s no way of getting those free cosmetics again.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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