Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Coming to EA Access Soon

These are worth the monthly subscription alone.


If you’ve been waiting to see if EA Access is worth your money, its two newest additions might just make the decision for you.

First up comes Respawn’s widely beloved Titanfall 2: a game which nobody expected much of but went on stake a claim for many GOTY lists for 2016. A short but sweet single-player campaign and frenetic multiplayer won it the hearts of many, but it didn’t quite hit sales expectations.

It’s still one of the best of its kind nonetheless. Better yet, all of its post-launch gameplay content is free.


Another contender for GOTY 2016 is also coming to EA Access less than a year after it was released. DICE’s Battlefield 1, which turned the FPS clocks back before it was cool, will be available later in the month. We gave it a positive review back in October:

“DICE have taken a step backwards with Battlefield 1 but taken many forward at the same time. For once, a game where you can believe the hype.”

Both games are due to be added to the vault this month at no specified date. Find out more about the Xbox One exclusive EA Access here and all the games currently available for it here.


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