The Xbox Series S Apparently Only Has 364 GB Of Storage

So, a Call of Duty game with some change.

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

Even though the Xbox Series X|S are only set to launch next week, some jammy gits online have already received their retail units, posting screenshots to Reddit for all to see. The one benefit of this is that they’re unrestrained by embargos, and can reveal some interesting new information, like the amount of usable storage on the Xbox Series S.


So How Much Storage Are Going To Be Using On The Series S?

According to the Reddit user spead20, the Xbox Series S only has 364GB of usable storage in its 512GB SSD, which roughly translates to one fully installed Call of Duty game and maybe one or two other games if you’re lucky. User spead20 says that he currently has The Outer Worlds, Halo: MCC and The Witcher 3 installed, which works out to 190GB, so they still have 174GB to play around with too.

While this doesn’t sound like a lot of storage, what’s worth remembering is that the Xbox Series S doesn’t render games in 4K, meaning that it won’t need to install 4K texture packs and the like. Thanks to Xbox’s internal systems, file sizes will be naturally smaller on the Xbox Series S than on the One X or Series X, so the smaller SSD isn’t too bad. On top of that, anyone who owns an external hard drive or SSD can plug that in and use it, meaning there’s options for those who need more storage.

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