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As the great Bob Dylan immortalised in song, the times they are a changing. We’ve got a brand new feature for you, all about Netflix. Just to be clear, this isn’t sponsored content –  although if Netflix does want to pay us we do occasionally need to eat from time to time, which costs money. Just saying.

Anyway, New On Netflix will be here every week telling you what’s coming to the service. Think of us like a bus timetable, except all our recommendations will be showing up when we say they will.


Flaked Season One (UK & US)

What is it: A washed up, sardonic guy living in Venice, California. He’s divorced and searching for meaning, but is just abrasive enough to alienate his friends.

Why you should watch: At this point the world has probably had enough TV shows about middle aged white guys dealing with their super real white guy problems. On the other hand this does sport a talented cast, led by Will Arnett and including Heather Graham and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Could they elevate this possible misfire?

When it’s coming: March 11


Captain America Winter Soldier (UK)

What is it: Captain America is from the 1940s, but now he has to get used to living in a modern, more cynical, world. Who can the world’s biggest boy scout actually trust?

Why you should watch: This is still one of the best movies the Marvel Disney machine has regurgitated. The Steve Rogers/Black Widow bromance is awesome, all the modern spy stuff is great and the plot twist is incredible, even if you have had it spoiled for you.

When it’s coming: March 12


Netflix Presents: The Characters (UK & US)

What is it: Sketch comedy from what are described as eight ‘up and coming’ comedians. Each comic is getting one half hour episode to do whatever they want with.

Why you should watch: Most of the time sketch comedy is hit and miss, but there’s always a chance of finding a diamond in the rough. Not all of these comedians will go on to become big names, but a couple might break out. It could be fun trying to figure out which ones will.

When it’s coming:
March 11


Popples Season Two (UK)

What is it: An (apparently) long running kids toy franchise about small multicoloured bear creatures. This one is the latest incarnation in a series of cartoon shows based on the characters.

Why you should watch: Sheer horrific fascination. Popples has been (supposedly) going since the 1980s, so it must be clicking with some kind of audience, but the whole thing looks slightly unsettling. The ‘charming’ bear characters are reminiscent of the Care Bears, but there’s definitely a noticeable 5 Nights At Freddy’s vibe going on.

When it’s coming:
March 11


Digimon Fusion Season Two (US)

What is it:
If you’re asking what Digimon is I’m assuming you grow up before the 90s. It’s digital monsters in some kind of computer network that sucks Japanese kids into weird adventures. This is just the latest in an ever expanding line of anime.

Why you should watch: Digimon! Digital Monsters! Digimon are the champions! If you’re of a certain age and haven’t seen Digimon in a while, there’s a nostalgic appeal in checking in on how this kid’s franchise is going. Is it really as bad as you’ve grown to suspect it was? Or will you be sucked back to your childhood and be grinning like Greymon?

When it’s coming:
March 8

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