The Last Stand: Aftermath: How To Increase Max Stamina

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The Last Stand stamina
The Last Stand stamina

While The Last Stand: Aftermath has lots of different resources to collect, there’s one thing that’s more important than anything else: stamina. As well as determining how much you can hit zombies, it’s also vital to have as much stamina as possible for when you have to hot-tail it to your car at the end of a level.

Luckily, you can also increase your max stamina in The Last Stand: Aftermath across different runs, meaning that new survivors after death will also have their max stamina increased.

To increase max stamina in The Last Stand: Aftermath, you need to find your way towards a upgrade radio, which randomly appear across maps. Use your focus and see if the icon pops up; they don’t seem to spawn in every single map. You will need a battery to power on the radio; these also spawn randomly.

The Last Stand Upgrades
The Last Stand Upgrade Radios

Interact with the radio once powered on and you’ll be able to spend your Knowledge on various upgrades. Knowledge is earned from collecting research-like items around maps and, like most things, can spawn randomly. We tend to find a lot in cars, though.

Then, find Body Upgrades and select the pair of lungs to upgrade your max stamina by 10%. You can dump more Knowledge points into stamina to keep on increasing it, up to level 4. It’s well worth doing, even if it might take a while.

The Last Stand: Aftermath is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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