The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PS4 Trophies: Difficulty & Time To Platinum

You don't have much hope of getting this one.

Little Hope Platiunum
Little Hope Platiunum
DeveloperSupermassive Games
PublisherBandai Namco
Platform(s)PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release DateOctober 30th, 2020

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the second entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, the series curated by the minds behind Until Dawn. Just like Man of Medan, its PS4 trophies promise plenty of replayability for the Platinum.

As The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is narrative-driven, it’s not exactly an intense game from a difficulty standpoint. It’s quite hard to actually fail at it and you can’t get a game over. Instead, the full completion comes from having to replay it multiple times for different paths.

Here are The Dark Pictures: Little Hope’s PS4 trophies, as well as how long we thing it will take to unlock the heralded Platinum. Beware spoilers.


The Dark Pictures: Little Hope PS4 Trophies

Little Hope
Little Hope
Dirty Little SecretsFound all witchcraft secretsBronze
So Much DeathCompleted the prologueBronze
Coven of WitchesFinished Movie NightBronze
Our Own DemonsDefeated Taylor's demonsBronze
On A RollCompleted 5 combat events in successionBronze
Rational MindRational was one of top two traits for JohnBronze
Amiable CharacterAmiable was one of top two traits for DanielBronze
Compassionate SoulCompassionate was one of top two traits for AndrewBronze
Headstrong HeroineHeadstrong was one of top two traits for TaylorBronze
Deeper UnderstandingUnderstanding was one of top two traits for AngelaBronze
Instinctive ReactionChose all of the Heart decisionsBronze
Considered OpinionChose all of the Head decisionsBronze
UnbrokenSaved DanielBronze
Free SpiritSaved TaylorBronze
We Are of WaterSaved AngelaBronze
Strength From WithinSaved AndrewBronze
Heavy BurdenSaved JohnBronze
Deathly VisionsFound all of the black framed PicturesSilver
Glimmer of HopeFound all of the white framed PicturesSilver
Full CircleCompleted the Solo StoryGold
No Escaping FateEveryone died at the ruined houseSilver
SalvationEveryone was savedSilver
The Odd CoupleMaximized Angela and John's RelationshipSilver
Solid As a RockMaximized Daniel and Taylor's RelationshipSilver
All Together NowAndrew has a good relationship with all charactersSilver
Secrets Too DarkFound all family secretsGold
A Complete PictureFound all PicturesGold
That Dream is Your EnemyNo-one survivedGold
Fate Worse Than DeathAndrew was saved from himselfGold
ForgivenessSaved MaryGold

Number of trophies: 30
Platinum difficulty: 5/10
Time to Platinum: 20+ hours

Little Hope’s PS4 trophies are very similar to Man of Medan’s with you having to save different characters, making specific choices and choosing particular traits. While it’s not a long game to see the credits roll, you can expect to have to play through Little Hope four times or so for all trophies.

What makes this a little more annoying is that you cannot skip through certain sections, even on a second playthrough. This means that you will have to watch the same scenes, start to finish, each playthrough.

As well as that, you will need to make sure you have good bonds between characters: The Odd Couple, Solid As a Rock, and All Together Now all depend on you making good bonds with characters. That is a little hard to do on your first playthrough.

There are also a tonne of collectible trophies with A Complete Picture, Secrets Too Dark, Glimmer of Hope, and Deathly Visions all requiring you to search every nook and cranny for secrets.

So, while Little Hope isn’t hard to Platinum in the traditional sense, it may be a little too repetitive to be much fun.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope - PlayStation 4
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