Streets Of Rage 4 “Mr. X Nightmare” DLC Revealed, New Modes And Characters

Estel is now playable? Sold.

Streets of Rage 4

Dotemu, Guard Crush and Lizardcube have announced that last year’s Streets of Rage 4, one of the best beat ’em ups ever made, will be receiving some DLC in the future in the form of Mr. X Nightmare. Check out the official reveal trailer at the top of the page.


What’s Featured In Mr. X Nightmare?

The DLC will include three new characters, the first of which was revealed to be Estel Aguirre, a boss character from Streets Of Rage 4 whose character design was practically begging for a playable version. Two other characters will also be included in the Mr. X Nightmare DLC package, and while the trailer doesn’t reveal the identity of these additional characters, the silhouettes suggest they’ll be Max and Shiva. Both of these characters are legacy Streets of Rage characters who also appeared as boss fights in SoR 4.

On top of the new characters, there’s a survival mode incoming that’ll providing new challenges and gameplay options, with Dotemu promising more details on that mode in the near future. The press release also promises new enemies, new weapons and new moves, which you’ll be able to customise too. As far as DLC for a beat ’em up goes, Mr. X Nightmare seems about as extensive as it gets.

Of course, there’s also a free update in the pipeline, which will add a new difficulty mode in the form of New Mania+, a training system that’ll allow players to learn all the best combos for each of the characters, and some palette swap colour options for each character.

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