Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Zangief Master Guide

"I'll take you all on!"

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

Grappler characters have been a popular archetype in fighting games ever since the days of Street Fighter 2, and this particular subset of characters has had one main mascot over the years: the Red Cyclone himself, Zangief. Appearing in SF2, cossack dancing and piledriving his way to victory the entire time, Zangief has been featured in most Street Fighter games ever since, and he’s been a destructive force the entire time. Street Fighter 6 is no different.

With devastating command grabs and high damage normal attacks, Zangief practically dominates anyone who’s unfortunate to be stood right next to him, but against a dedicated zoning character, the Russian pro wrestler tends to struggle. Still, considering your World Tour character can learn everyone’s moves, including movement abilities like Dhalsim’s teleport, Zangief’s move can be awesome tools in your arsenal. If you want to learn some grappling, this is what you need to know about becoming Zangief’s student in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour | Zangief World Tour

During Chapter 9-2, head over to the Mike Haggar Memorial Stadium in Metro City and you’ll see a rather hairy looking man by the name of Uou. He’s worked himself into a tizzy about a tournament that’s no longer happening, and you’re going to have to destress him. After speaking to Uou, go to the other side of the stairs and speak to Saou, who’ll ask you to fight Uou. After defeating Uou, Saou will thank you for helping his tag partner blow off some steam, before handing you a ticket to Russia.

It’s time to meet Daddy Gief.

Hop on a plane over to Russia and you’ll see a masked Gief teaching Uou and Saou a lesson in superior Russian muscle power. After watching the cutscene, introduce yourself to Zangief and he’ll practically beg you to become his student. Tell him that building beautiful muscles sounds lovely to you, and you’ll find yourself with yet another master.

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