Skate 4: Everything You Need To Know


In 2010, the legendary Skate 3 was released, developed by the now-defunct EA Black Box, and published by EA. Skate 3 has achieved cult status with skaters, and gaming fans more generally because it’s a light hearted, explorative game, with unique routes around every corner. You can follow the challenges, build up your skateboarding team and reap the rewards, but there’s no obligation to do so.

Years later, thanks to the introduction of backward compatibility, Skate 3 has maintained its popularity, and in June 2020, a new release in the series, Skate 4, was teased. Since then, gamers have been teased with infrequent information and leaks, but it seems that as we enter 2023, the next Skate game is closer to being released than ever.


When Is Skate 4 Coming Out?

There is currently no confirmed release date for Skate 4 – or just Skate (stylised as skate.), as it will be called — but it is likely to be released in 2023 at the earliest as a free-to-play game. The focus is, the developers have confirmed, on making sure that the game is only released when it’s properly ready, but EA CEO Andre Wilson said in 2022 that it will be available soon.

EA are releasing ‘Board Room’ episodes on YouTube, with information on the latest gameplay developments, and it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable to believe that the game may come out in late 2023. However, Skate isn’t being considered a successor to EA’s other Skate games, which is why developers don’t want it to be called Skate 4. It’s a franchise reboot, so Full Circle,  the developers of the new game, might take longer to make sure they get everything right.


Which Platforms Will Skate 4 Release On?

It has been confirmed that the new Skate game will be on PC, and will be the first of the Skate games to release on the platform. Beyond this, the full list of platforms hasn’t been confirmed, although it seems fairly certain that there won’t be any massive surprises. EA have also confirmed that crossplay will be available, giving players the option to play online with friends on different consoles, while the fact that cross-progression will feature seems to indicate that the game will come out on Xbox One and PS4, as well as the next-gen consoles. Cross-progression, which allows you to continue progress from a previous platform on a new platform, is a good option for those who haven’t yet made the transition to next-gen consoles.

There will also be a mobile version of the game, coming to both Android and iOS. This is also  new for Skate, as Skate 3 only released on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.


Skate 4 Modes

Skate’s mechanics have always set it apart from the Tony Hawk series, giving gamers a more authentic on-board experience. It also has a goofy side, and Skate 3 exploded in popularity via YouTube during the early 2010s. Content creators like PewDiePie revelled in its comical physics and Hall of Meat challenges, where players had to injure their character as much as possible to gain maximum points by jumping from high heights. With that in mind, Full Circle will be keen to keep the balance of realism and absurdity that fans want.

Information as to game modes within Skate are limited, but it’s expected that user-generated content will play a big role. Additionally, leaked footage seems to indicate that a sandbox-style multiplayer mode will be coming to the game, although it’s hard to be entirely sure because EA shut down the stream containing the information. Even so, Full Circle are excited about the game and hope to involve fans in its development as much as possible, so it’s likely that popularly-requested features, like an expansive multiplayer option, will be on the cards.


What’s New In Skate 4?

The first, probably most drastic change in Skate is that it’s free. Full Circle are planning for the game to evolve over the years, and have promised that there will be no main content hidden behind paywalls. What is likely instead is that they will take an approach like Fortnite’s, with revenue coming from skins for the skateboards and enhanced customisation options. It’s a logical move, because as the new game is a standalone title rather than a sequel to Skate 3, it lets Full Circle really make sure that they get as many gamers as possible playing it.

The off-board actions are also being enhanced, and it won’t be long until gamers will be able to climb, swing, and manoeuvre themselves creatively before landing back on the board. Once again, this could be a great way for the developers to expand possibilities in Skate, keeping us playing the game over a longer period of time.

The multiplayer option will include cooperative skatepark building spaces, which sounds great. It is based in a new city, San Vansterdam, but there hasn’t been any confirmation as to whether a story mode will be included.

It sounds like the fourth Skate title will be a good, explorative game, but might not live up to the cult status of Skate 3. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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