Single of the Week: Sleazy F X Black Josh – Loyalty

With this much talent smashed together in a single tune, it had to be from Manchester...

The cross-collaborative nature of the Manchester scene is fascinating. It’s almost like a random name generator, you throw all the producers and MCs into the mix and see which ones come out. In this case it’s Black Josh, Sleazy F Baby and Biome. The latter are both mainstays in UK rap, be it grime or hip-hop and they’ve just joined forces on a new mixtape – Super Bag Bros – produced by Dyno.

Rather than stopping there, the pair also teamed up with Biome on another track. It sees Biome, who’s best known for producing deep, sinister dubstep, moving into far grimier territory, and proving in the process that he’s one of the most versatile producers in the back. Josh and Sleazy bring different, but equally effective approaches to the beat. They play off of each other beautifully, which is only aided when you watch them sitting on the bonnet of a black Merc in the video, which was directed by KC Locke.


Stream Super Sag Bros here.


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