Single of the Week: Hansaa & soso feat. Oliver Tank – Need to Know

When you’re a budding musician and you’re ready to make your debut, location is important. For Australian Vinay Matta, aka Hansaa, it was Los Angeles. To say that’s a risky move would be putting it mildly, especially for a producer. LA is currently a sizzling hotbed of beatmaking in all shapes and sizes, and when you’re operating in the shadow of people like Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing and even, dare I say it, Skrillex, you’ve got to do something pretty impressive to stand out from the ever-increasing pack.

What Matta did, rather wisely, was bring in outside help. For his first release, he drafted in an impressive cadre of other up-and-coming artists, from GAZI golden boy A.CHAL to Kosovar rapper and DJ Snake collaborator Kid Gashi (or G4SHI, depending who you ask). For the first single though, Matta brought in local production duo soso and vocalist Oliver Tank. Both have been roving around the LA scene for a few years now, and this track gave them an ideal opportunity to flex their muscles.

It’s a deep, almost tragic track, featuring production meticulous enough to make you quickly forget that this is a debut single. What also helps is the video, which was wisely built around an actual narrative, rather than a montage of a steamy club or a few vaguely idyllic shots of the California skyline. According to Matta himself, it’s all based around the idea of regret, and largely involves a small group of young, morose looking people pointing guns at each other, and then themselves. It was directed by Julian Pircher, a Belgian filmmaker who previously directed the equally bleak video for Two Feet’s Go Fuck Yourself.

It’s still unclear when Matta’s first full release will drop, but if this first track is anything to go by, he’s well worth keeping a close eye on.

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