Single of the Week: Deftones – ‘Prayers/Triangles’

deftones prayers/triangles

After the initial fevered burst of excitement that followed Stephen Carpenter casually confirming a release date for a new Deftones album, things positively erupted when the album’s title was confirmed alongside an audio snippet and a whole lot of flamingos. As is the style these days. The audio snippet now, not the flamingos. Though, imagine. A world where flamboyances of flamingos announce everything worth announcing. What a world.

Anyway, getting back to where I’d started, after all that rising excitement, it didn’t seem like we could take any more surprises from camp Deftones, lest we all end up over-gasped. Thankfully, the band were willing to push excitement to the limits and unveiled the full audio for the track they had initially cheekily previewed. The track in question being ‘Prayers/Triangles’ which was premiered toward the end of last week, and having now settled itself into our skulls here CV HQ is our Single of the Week.

In many ways this is classic Deftones, in as much as a band that evolves like Deftones can be classic themselves, with its emphasis on dynamics and transitioning from a smooth serenity to a rawer aggression. Essentially, it’s the most prominent tendencies of main songwriters Chino Moreno and Stephen Carpenter on full show; Chino often leaning to the more ethereal, atmospheric, and melodic end of the spectrum, and Stephen spurred on by a heavier, more visceral and driven sound.

Though it’s one of the band’s more straightforward tracks, it does find them on rude form, with the more melodic parts calling to mind the eerie calm of similar passages on Diamond Eyes, and the heavier sections considerably feeling more charged than the more layered approach to heaviness they adopted their last album, Koi No Yokan, or with the density that they rumbled with on the aforementioned Diamond Eyes. Instead it’s a spikier, crisper aggression that delves back a little to their self-titled album and Saturday Night Wrist, but also has a kind melodic and euphoric post-rock quality to it.

Anyway, it’s a promising prospect for the band’s eight album, and it’s our Single of the Week. Turn it up loud.

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