Showcasing KRedous’ Fantastic Team Fortress 2 Fanart

KRedous is a fan artist who primarily draws digital fanart which features Team Fortress 2 characters. Today I wanted to show off some of their artwork to you all, as it’s some of the best I’ve ever seen:

Heavy and Medic digital fanart by KRedous
“Heavy and Medic” by KRedous
Fanart of Miss Pauling, Pyro and Spy, by KRedous
“Sketches TF2” by KRedous
Scout fanart by KRedous
“SCOUT” by KRedous

Their attention to detail is incredible, and I love their range of styles and techniques throughout their various TF2 pieces. KRedous manages to capture the retro style of the TF2 official art, whilst putting their own spin on it, and each of their pieces of fanart is packed full of detail and life.

As well as Team Fortress 2, they also create art based around the characters of Team Fortress Classic, such as this piece which features the old Sniper and Spy designs:

Classic Sniper and Spy fanart by KRedous
“1930”, by KRedous

Overall, each of their pieces has something great about them, and I just wanted to share some of their work with you all, in case you hadn’t come across it yet! You can find KRedous online at the following places:

KRedous’ DeviantArt

KRedous’ Twitter

Do you know a TF2 fan artist who deserves some recognition? Let me know in the comments below!

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