Rust: Spraycan

Rust Spraycan
Rust Spraycan

The Spraycan is a tool added in Rust with the Arctic Update that release in February 2022.

The Spraycan is used to reskin deployable items, such as doors, without having to go through the usual method of picking that item up and taking it to a bench. Instead, players just hold their RMB while holding the Spraycan and looking at a skinnable item to reskin it.

While planned for a later date, players won’t be able to freehand spray designs with it at the release of the Arctic Update.


How To Craft Spraycans

Spraycans in Rust can be crafted with the following resources:

– 100x Metal Fragments

Spraycans take 15 seconds to craft. They are a default blueprint.

If you’re wondering what some of the writing on the can itself says, it includes stuff like “irritates eyes and can cause deformation and severe birth defects including multiple limbs and excessive teeth.” Here’s hoping childbirth and dentistry comes to Rust at some point to put this to the test.

Rust is available on PC.

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