Rugrats Film Delayed Another Year

Your childhood memories are paused for a little while longer.

Rugrats movie

If you were eager to see the antics of Tommy and his friends in the Rugrats film in 2020, you’ll have to wait even longer. According to Exhibitor Relations, the film has been pushed to 2021.

July of last year, Paramount announced its plans to revitalize the Rugrats property. They aimed to do so with a 26-episode relaunch series as well as a CGI/live-action film.

Rugrats was a series on Nickelodeon that aired for a total of thirteen years. The cartoon focused on Tommy Pickles and his friends as they go off on adventures that may look mundane to us, but are daunting as a child. The series saw success and spawned merchandise, awards, and a large sum of cash for the people over at Nickelodeon.

This isn’t the first time the Rugrats property has been reused to form another cartoon. We’ve seen the children grow up into teenagers in All Grown Up! and we’ve also seen a series focused on Angelica and Susie in Pre-School Daze, a four-episode spin-off that didn’t make the cut. This will be the first Rugrats film in over a decade.

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