What Just Happened At Revolution Pro Wrestling: Live in Southampton?

Revolution pro Wrestling

Revolution Pro Wrestling have been killing it on the south coast as of late. Massive shows emanating from Southampton and Portsmouth have been headlined by some of the biggest names in independent wrestling, including the likes of: Cody Rhodes, Zack Sabre Jr and, most recently, Walter.

I was fortunate enough to witness the historic show at the 1865 last night, which not only featured a huge title change, but also some cracking show-stealers and one hell of a heartfelt promo.

The show opened with the always hilarious tandem of The Legion of Lords in 8-man tag action. Despite growing tension between Rishi Ghosh and Lord Gideon Grey, the Lords managed to steal a victory and confirm that they are all still definitely best friends.

Side note for Santos and Chief Deputy Dunne: no fun was had during the process of this match.

TK Cooper and Adam Brooks followed with a fantastic show of technical wrestling, where one undefeated streak had to go. Evidently Southampton is next to New Orleans for streak ending cities. These two are certainly two names worth looking out for.

Next up was an absolute belter of a match. When you put Josh Bodom and Kip Sabian in a ring together, you know you’re going to end up with a show stealer. These two just ooze charisma and chemistry in that ring and will probably find themselves being highly sought after in the next few years.

Aussie Open were given the tough job of following Bodom and Sabian with a tag match against The Arrows of Hungary. Dover and Icarus are still relatively new to the scene but boy have they been putting in some great work. An incredible back and forth contest to send the first half of the show home.

Following a short break, Jinny put her RPW Women’s Championship on the line against the Unrelenting Jamie Hayter. Again, another incredible match which could have main evented any given show. Great effort by both to put the women’s division on the map, if you’re looking to be won over more by women’s wrestling, then look no further than this hard-hitting, emotional contest.

Hayter managed to pull off the biggest victory of her career by defeating Jinny and taking home the title in front of a hot Southampton crowd.

In our semi-main event, we were treated to an appearance from the current PWG champion, Walter. He is more thicc than you imagine. Needless to say Chris Brookes was dealt a fair few devastating chops from the Austrian brute. RPW weren’t shy of suggesting that this could have been Chris’ last match with the promotion, what with certain rumours circulating.

After the match, the CCK member addressed said rumours and confirmed that he will not be going anywhere anytime soon. To see someone so passionate about British wrestling and the current scene on the south coast is downright beautiful. Thank you, Chris.

Finally, the current British Cruiserweight Champion, David Starr, was set to face El Phantasmo in the main event. Starr is an absolute champion on the mic, managing to have the crowd in the palm of his hand throughout. Phantasmo continues to make strides towards being a top star for RPW and after last night, should definitely have a title shot lined up in the coming months.

I highly recommend to all those in the South to check out Rev Pro. This is where you’re going to find the absolute best of British wrestling, with fan service and fantastic experiences to boot.

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