REVIEW: Action Bronson – ‘Mr. Wonderful’

Action Bronson

Hip-hop artists, from the doctors and surgeons on beats and soundboards to the microphone masters, are normally measured by their uniqueness, virtuosity, and their ambiance, along with the obvious uses of vocabulary and storytelling.

There is, as of a late, a resurgence of bringing class back to what many call a dying genre with the new school and coming of age rappers using heavy influences from the emcees of old along with their own varied styles and personal tastes. Action Bronson is one of those artists. Since 2008, he has added his own flair to the “Mafioso” and NY Hip-hop rap scene with a fusion of comedy, top notch storytelling, along with heavy jazz mixed with several genres, ranging from rock to techno. His vocabulary from multiple languages and his ever flowing recipes for delicious dishes keeps all his works fresh for many many replays. This week he releases,

His vocabulary from multiple languages and his ever flowing recipes for delicious dishes keeps all his works fresh for many, many replays. This week he releases his third album, Mr. Wonder, which and comes into the fray strong and with as much charm any Bronson musical piece could bring, if not more. if that is even possible.

Mr Wonderful Album
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The listening experience never dulls, the production values, from the flow of the album to the sound quality is top notch but this album is more centralized on the lyrics more than the beats.Discussing topics from his relationships, to the city life of NY and his recipes (Action Bronson is actually a trained chef and has a YouTube channel of his cooking and is even in the process of making a show called Fuck, That’s Delicious), this album delivers the charm and even a slight change from the Mafioso theme most fans are used to. A good portion of the songs are unstructured without actual hooks or choruses and provides a bridge between the underground and mainstream sound and even offers instrumental breaks.

One thing that stands out more than most is the wordplay and Action’s signature flow, Ghostface type voice and presentation, but like I said before, Action is far from a doppelganger or some discount Wu-Tang member. The album is a little on the shorter side at under 50 minutes and due to its unorthodox nature, it may turn a few people away, but only those who are uneducated to the underground vibe. It needs to be said: no matter what your brand of hip-hop is, you should keep your ear to the streets for this one.

My favorite tracks would be both the singles ‘Actin’ Crazy’, ‘Baby Blue’ featuring another phenomenal artist Chance the Rapper, and the spoken word, soul-infused ‘City Boy Blues’ and finally ends the album with the first single ‘Easy Rider’ one of my all time favorite songs from him. The graffiti of the streets, personified, with a colossal winning “fuck you” attitude and all the New York vibe anyone could ask for, this is Classic Action Bronson with a brand new swing and pep in his step without leaving behind what we love most about him.

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