Respawn Detail How They’re Dealing With Apex Legends Cheaters

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Apex Legends

In a post on Reddit, Respawn Entertainment have outlined the various ways they’ll be improving the Apex Legends player experience by clamping down on cheaters. For anyone tired of getting aimbotted by cheaters, you’ll be pleased to know that Respawn are instituting a cheater’s purgatory so cheaters will be matched with each other.

Apex Legends will also be instituting machine learning technology that creates behaviour models which will detect and auto-ban cheaters, along with forcing two-factor authentication to prevent spammers and cheaters from creating a second account to circumvent a ban. Those who party up with cheaters are also in Respawn’s crosshairs, as partying up with cheaters is still cheating.

Despite all these new features, Respawn maintain that the best way to combat cheaters is by manually reporting them through an anti-cheat form on Respawn’s official website. Beyond that, a feature is coming that’ll properly allow you to report those that killed you, as the spectating system is set to be improved to include cycling through the squad that killed you.

Have you encountered any cheaters in Apex Legends? What are your thoughts on these changes? Sound off in the comments.

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